Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • That is because it has been done by the NHS and not some tory lickspital company.

  • With the blood ox - are you taking several readings at rest, different fingers, wiggle it about a bit on the fingertip before resting to take the reading. Doesn’t sound scientific, but will mean you can find the best reading - which is what counts. I usually end up taking 5-6 readings, it’s the highest one you need. Gets better if you lay down and take it while resting. Take 3 times daily for the first two weeks.

    As @aroogah said - we’ve had it. Positive tests. I had fevers for 48hrs then cold/flu symptoms and oh ... so very tired. Loads of sinus congestion, not really a blocked nose. Cough but not too persistent, a bit of a wheeze. Headache. Started turning around after week 3. Had 2.5 weeks off work. Dr prescribed me Zinc (double daily dose), Vitamin D, and I also took hydroxychloroquine for 5 days early on. Also the usual cold/flu meds. Since have had a steroid nasal spray to clear the congestion. Overruling thing has been fatigue. No loss of smell/taste though.

    Week 4 I finally started thinking about tomorrow rather than bearing with today, and feeling tired about yesterday. Colleagues say that the fatigue is the thing that lingers.

    Do keep an eye on blood ox levels as they seem to be the thing that can give a heads up if you need scans or hospital treatments.

    And drink plenty water - I’ve found I’ve been way more thirsty the past month. Have those hot/cold beakers by the bed that gives a welcome cold blast of water when needed during the night.

    Also - those breathing exercises, can find the link if you need. Keeps the deep lung function, to prevent covid creeping in there. The scary comment from my GP early on was ‘once it has you, there isn’t much you can do’. Follow any advice you can get.

    *hydroxychloroquine has polarised views, not all gp’s will prescribe for covid, it’s an anti-malarial, possible positive covid subsequent effect of hospitalisation needed, but (usual) low side effects of you do take it. I have taken plenty anti-malarial’s in the past so figured it wouldn’t hurt to take it. Had some minor side effects but nothing more than a day or two.

  • Source? Saline is used on millions of patients all the time in far greater volumes than would be used in a saline vaccination placebo. If potential, deadly allergy to saline were an issue, it would be more widely known and anyone at risk would be ruled out of trials.

  • Anyone allergic to saline would also be allergic to their own blood, which I fear would not be a good thing, long term. Or short term. Or at all.

  • You salty bitch

  • Thanks, I’ve been taking multiple readings on different fingers.

    I try and avoid nasal decongestants unless it’s disrupting sleep as I find that drying out the sinuses gives me longer term issues.

    Temp seems to be 37.3-37.5 at the moment which is a relief, but coughing feels like daggers.

    It’s really difficult at the moment with both me and my wife sick, along with a 11 month old ans a 5 year old who both need constant attention.
    No respite until at least another week.

  • Man, I forgot how bad the sensitive skin thing was... really hope you’re all getting back on the mend soon.

  • I will try and find it, I read it in a book about the amazing effect of placebo and the human mind.

    The allergic reaction death has stuck in my mind, as the 'panic' that the death caused involved recalling all the saline produced in that companies batch and investigation of possible tainted bags of saline for ransom. Investigation of employees that could have tainted a batch or bag. The whole investigation cost millions and took a great deal of time.

    The point was that saline can have amazing curative properties, better than any drug and have worse side effects than any medicine. Ask @lowbrow about placebos.

    EDIT: Not found the specific medical report, seems that covid is even in saline searches but searching has come up with stuff like this­e-effects-drug-center.htm#overview, and many others. Wonderful world of placebos. Go off search and see. Saline has proven to be one of the best pain killers, in the right circumstance and I con't even find that infamous test. Maybe I need a white coat.

  • It is fine, lo salt so no effect on blood pressure.

  • Try sudafed, the proper chemist stuff.

    You are suffering the same I did. Careful I ended up with a chest infection that required anti biotics and is still not right.

    But hey I had really mild symptoms, no loss of smell or taste or anything just temperature and chest infection.

    Actually it did cause me to have very high blood preasure and the A&e thought I had had a heart attack.

    Good fortune.

  • My point was, if you have no proof that people have died from allergic reactions to placebos during drugs trials, especially when everyone is already on edge, don't fucking say it!

    Yes there are other discussion around placebos, but don't drop misinformation into a thread avoid Covid.

  • The juggling child care and getting rest is tricky. I wish we'd done shifts rather than both trying to do it at the same time.

    Also from a total outsiders view, maybe try not taking temp and readings so much? Seems to be adding anxiety? That might be a total misread of the situation maybe they give comfort.

  • I think the results give comfort, though when it was climbing at 39.5 degrees and I was feeling particularly rough, I was starting to worry.

    Daughter and wife’s positive results came back, fortunately daughter seems to only have the sniffles.

    Now I’m monitoring the colour of my phlegm (got nothing better to do). Was a brown colour this morning, which is rather gross. Overall though, lungs feel fairly clear and cough feels fairly dry.

  • Robbie got that. Bit weird. I was surprised by how many did on our street, a minority but still.

  • Was called yesterday to opt into a trial of a 20 minute covid test, which they are sending me in the post. I guess as I'm a known positive, to check that the 20 minute test catches it too.

  • Anyone seen any commentary on the potential stagnation of CV19 in society relative to the horror and herd burn out of something like Spanish Flu due to our fluctuating response and globalisation? I mean - are we ultimately dragging this out because we’re marginally better at responding but can’t form a global consensus?

  • The juggling child care and getting rest is tricky.

    This is probably what terrifies me most. It's hard enough with both of us at full health.

  • I don’t know what the fuss is about. Just drive to the other end of the country, get your elderly relatives to do the child care and hold up in your secret second home unless it’s someone’s birthday... in which case - road trip!

  • Two thirds of Florida nursing home staff opt out of receiving the vaccine, while more than 70 percent of their patients have taken it.

  • You joke, but I imagine that's probably what a lot of people do thanks to the precedent set. Not an option for me, even if I was a cunt.

  • I think you’re probably right. Sadly.

  • That’s a massive amount of people! Scary how much more weight misinformation carries than actual information!

    Edit. New page: Florida Care Workers not taking up vaccines.

  • Its probably the most mentally challenging thing for us at the moment.
    Recovery/rest would be a bit easier if we could stay in bed or on the sofa all day.

    As it is, we are absolutely shattered after having to keep the kids entertained all day.
    Home schooling has gone out the window, we're much snappier at the 5 year old, who is misbehaving because she wants more attention, and wants to go outside, which we can completely understand and feel really guilty about.

  • No idea of ages or numbers but you can try plan. Like if really young ready meals a weeks worth, (especially if you normally cook) in the cupboard etc.

    Eliminate as many stresses as possible is the only advice I can give.

  • Try not to feel guilty. You’re doing the best you can in tough circumstances.
    It’s just a case of getting through the next couple of weeks.
    We were in the same situation just after Xmas.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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