Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • @Markyboy you'll presumably want a good probate solicitor, not a conveyancing solicitor.

    Somewhere which is good at conveyancing is not necessarily good at probate.

  • ah. yeah fair enough, cheers for the correction.

  • I expect this may well be true.

    FWIW Caroline Sherry at that place was brilliant at being a solicitor, albeit a conveyancing one.

    edit, seems like she doesn't do probate.

    As you were.

  • Sure, but in the absence of any recommendations for a probate solicitor, speaking to a recommended firm (albeit for conveyancing) is as good a starting point as we have. They do probate. Fortunately we haven't had to deal with this before, nor has anyone else close to us.

  • Indie Sage was good today. Point was made that it's a distraction to blame 400 at a wedding instead of the 20 million still going out to work each day for lack of a better option.

  • Hopefully at least that bit will be smooth.
    Did you get any where with Nine Nights arrangements?

  • Was just going to say that. The ultra-orthodox around there (just up the road from work) are a law unto themselves in certain ways. They won’t take any notice of a mere orthodox rabbi, not when you take your laws directly from God himself. We’ve had some of the local community come into my shop without masks and when asked to put one on they seem flabbergasted, as though it hadn’t occurred to them. So I just don’t let them in.

    Lovely people generally, but a tad eccentric.

  • Anyway, here’s the Home Secretary this afternoon, transcribed verbatim, when asked why the UK has such an appalling death rate from Covid:

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  • Got to say, i assumed this government would find a way to fuck up the vaccination programme, but we seem to be doing a really good job of it so far.

    Halving drug supply to the North because they miss counted the amount of people in London?­764840

  • Can't happen, and closed coffin only. He would probably have seen the funny side or it - he didn't like a fuss - but the extended family are quite upset.

    Di wanted to put some photos in the coffin and got a hurry up from the funeral home yesterday as they needed to seal the coffin. Not their fault but brutal.

  • Seeing maybe hundreds of people a months vs. not seeing my family for months.

  • He would probably have seen the funny side

    That is a good thought to hold.


  • Boris has just announced that data is showing the UK variant has a higher mortality rate...

    Just in case anyone was wondering if Christmas was a good idea.

  • Not sure the Stamford Hill community would go to such lengths, they’d probably have a nice brazier or something on the pavement.

  • is that not down to the fact that this new bug remix is X times more catchy?


  • What has the Tory cock got to do with anything?

  • Ah the fuck the North tactic.

  • Yeah, as if some people said it was a bad idea. Turkeys want to die and be eaten.

  • I believe they were saying that per X people catching it, more people died with that variant than the normal one.

    So more people are catching it but more of those catching it are also dying.

  • 'For example, with 1,000 60-year-olds infected with the old variant, 10 of them might be expected to die. But this rises to about 13 with the new variant.'

  • Only 3, meh who cares...remember loved ones will die.

    More old, homeless and benefits recipients die, more money for tories to give to their mates. This is what we vote for.

  • "not strong data"
    "posibility.. but this is far from certain."

  • 30% increase in mortality is pretty horrifying.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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