Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • wow household fewer than five is MORE than gyms ! @ChainBreaker must be a clean freak.

  • I heard some talking head on the news say transmission was 1) schools, 2) workplaces, 3) household mixing and inter-household transmission. Infection within hospitals also significant.

    Lower down the list are supermarkets, public transport, and fucking joggers running right past you.

  • I just checked the OP out of curiosity…

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  • wow household fewer than five is MORE than gyms ! @ChainBreaker must be a clean freak

    Hug from me reduces covid

  • fucking joggers running

    Tougher than the 3-legged race dontchaknow?

  • "A year ago" That's pretty trippy also.

  • Wait, playgrounds remain open?
    Tomorrow they're going to be fucking rammed and everyone is going to get sick.

  • Many school age kids will have online lessons so the playgrounds will not be particularly busy until the weekend...

  • Where do you stand now?

  • So it's "places people who've tested positive have been", not places they actually caught it?

    Also if it's relying on what people self-reported to the government, "at the big family BBQ" isn't going to get much of a look-in.

  • I don't really understand why nurseries are staying open to all kids. Surely same risk to the employees and parents as schools?

  • Much smaller groups? Not many nurseries with 1000+ people passing in corridors.

  • Not quite the same risk, fewer children, and from what I’ve seen much stricter guidelines on drop off and collection.

    there might be 30-40 children in total split into smaller groups with key careers, rather than 600 in a larger primary school playing in the playground.

  • I imagine there is concern around the parents' ability to work, even from home. We are considering taking mini_com out, but will be a fuck of a juggling act to care for her and work at the same time. Not that it's easy with a school age child, but at least you're then slightly less worried about them taking a dive off the bottom step of the stairs/sofa/coffee table than a toddler.

    Also, it's not just nurseries to consider. A lot of early years care happens at childminders and individual settings where it's not all PAYE. So furloughing all those carers is not easy/enough to stop them from going under (as small businesses or individuals). If we do take mini_com out, we'll still be paying, but not all parents would be as fortunate.

  • All primary schools I'm aware of have been in groups since the start of the school year, for lunch, staggered drop off and collections, staggered play times.

  • So tomorrow there's going to be hundreds of people not able to turn up for work as they'll need to homeschool their children. How big a problem is this now that many fewer are furloughed than were previously? And many more businesses are operating as normal rather with reduced output.

  • I think regular mass sanitisation should be implemented before another lockdown. They keep using footage from China in the news when they were hazmat'd up and spraying everything (possibly overkill) yet nothing remotely similar has been taken on here. It's use of such imagery is almost mocking. Typically the gov are pushing the blame and claiming that it's all up to us to do our bit individually (it is, to a degree). However, I really think they should be regularly spraying and wiping major touchpoints in public use areas (and things like touch screens and crossing buttons). The furlough scheme should have been an option to job swap, offering to pay the 80% salary if staff agreed to take up sanitisation duties even if only part-time and it could also ease the unemployment situation. But then again, we fucking despise service workers in this country, it's dirty and below us, this is evidenced in the way in which we refuse to tip our servers at restaurants and pubs et al. Boris is too busy taking away when he could be adding to the situation. I mean, does that really sound too fantastical? Am I off the mark here?

  • In theory sure. But they are young kids. No chance any bubbles have been maintained in any primary school.

  • At my work, at least, transmission cannot happen axiomatically since it is "covid-secure": 15 people on a corridor all come down with it, but no evidence of transmission in the workplace.

  • “Just ask whatever you want and I’ll say what I am going to say”

    That is 100% our whole government in one sentence, every answer prewritten and not answering any questions.

  • You mean you don't trust a government that has consistently over promised and under delivered on targets?

  • Not limited to this Government, or in fact, anyone being interviewed on TV. Each has their own message they want to communicate and few answer the actual question asked. It's bloody infuriating.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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