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  • Frontline clinical staff vaccination started today at UCLH as we got one of the 900 dose batches delivered yesterday

  • New, even more transmissible variant from South Africa is now here. Happy Christmas world.

  • Tiers 4 continued to grow in South East by Boxing Day according to Hancock.

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  • I agree that it's undoubtedly already in France (maybe I'm wrong but I don't think the French are claiming that it's not either), but why does that mean it's futile to try and stop even more of it being brought in?

    I've no idea why it wasn't being done for the lesser transmitted version, perhaps because they thought that asking people to quarantine on arrival was enough to contain it. The Netherlands was the first to ban travel from UK, and I can tell you anecdotally that until last week there was still tourists arriving from UK and clearly not quarantining. If they've got this new strain then it would vastly increase the amount of people they could potentially infect.

    Identified doesn't necessarily mean fully understood.

  • New, even more transmissible variant from South Africa is now here.

    Does it hug you?

  • Matt Hancock.

    Hancock says the development is “highly concerning” because the new variant is more transmissible and appears to have mutated further.
    Hancock said the government is quarantining cases and close contacts of cases found in the UK, as well as placing “immediate restrictions” on travel from South Africa.
    Anyone who has been to the country within the last two weeks should quarantine as well as those who have been close contacts of individuals who have been to the country. He said the measures are temporary while the new strain is investigated.

    We are incredibly grateful to the South African government for their science,” he added.

    “This virus is yet more transmissible and appears to have mutated further than the new virus.”

  • Removed, double post

  • I've spent hours on to TNT to try and find out where shipments are over the last couple of days. They have no idea. Having to dispatch in and out via express only, which is just about getting through but with delays/part deliveries.

    Oddly, I posted a TNT express package from Luxembourg yesterday afternoon and it was delivered in Southampton today so it's working in one direction at least.

  • Maybe you could try and explain why this is funny?

    Come on - you might have believed it then, but believing that leaving the EU is going to do wonders for the disadvantaged now is more than a little naive.

    You've been cut a lot of slack for your vocal support of what was then, and is clearly now, a disaster. I think a little humility might be a wise course to steer rather than inviting confrontation when you're so clearly in the wrong.

  • Yeah - express is just about working most of the time - it's economy that is buggered.

  • It was suggested that a person who voted leave cannot sincerely empathise with and highlight the plight of the disadvantaged - which is bullshit shit stirring but there we go.

    Being luke warm on the EU (or flatly rejecting it) and being a forum approved level of virtue are not necessarily mutually exclusive - see Jeremy Corbyn for example.

  • The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function. One should, for example, be able to see that things are hopeless and yet be determined to make them otherwise.

  • I hear you. But it's a pretty absurd conflation to say that someone who voted for Brexit must not care about the disadvantaged. Would you apply that to all 17M voters? Don't think so.

    The handling of it has been a disaster, I agree. This government is a disaster and not one I voted for. But nobody knew what would happen after the vote. The question was not do you want [all these 5 years of shit], it was should the UK remain a member of the EU or leave.

    It's an incredibly nuanced debate and if people on both sides (left and right) were less entrenched in their positions we might not be in this mess. I do not agree that I am so clearly in the wrong because there isn't a right and wrong in this kaleidoscope of greys.

  • rubbish. actual experts lined up to warn people of the pitfalls and they were brushed off as "project fear". you chose to believe con-men who appealed to the worst instincts. now at least own your mistake.

  • nobody knew what would happen after the vote.

    Bollocks, 48% knew what would happen, but you lot called it project fear!

  • My Dad called it near perfectly in a letter to the Guardian in the week after the referendum. Right down to where we are right now, at the end of a delayed transition period, staring at no deal.

    Must have foreseen it in a dream or something. No way a retired Barrister with international trade law experience could have seen this coming.

  • If it makes you all happier to pin this on me, then fine. I'm not sure much will change though.

  • well this is a depressing turn of events. Might go to the Brexit thread to cheer myself up.

  • Pretty sure there are people who voted leave for their own reasons despite the lies and con-men?

    Who would have thought those con-men would be running the country and our fight against Covid...

  • I have no beef with people who voted leave. People thought they were doing the right thing, by and large.

    I just took exception to the claim that nobody predicted what would happen when many of the best placed people did.

  • Lol, that’s what farage is saying now too.

  • I bit and shouldn't have done. This thread is depressing enough.

  • I am Nigel. Claim your £5

  • People thought they were doing the right thing, by and large.

    Unicorns, Moon onna Stick, free money for the NHS, 'having your cake and eating it'. It's amazeballs it hasn't worked out as expected/promised.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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