Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Worst ever cases today and that’s with a Sunday backlog. London doubled in 24 hours

  • It's a good thing Kent is locked down as operation stack is incoming, french have banned all travel including freight.­rance-imposes-uk-travel-ban-239591/

  • As I said, if you wipe virus particles on anything and then swab it then "it" will test positive. This isn't the same as the virus being able to reproduce in the cells of that thing.

    Yeah I know. I get it. Catface may just have been acting as a surface, despite suffering from a heavy cat cold.

  • Bit of a dry run for a no-deal Brexit then.

  • Odds on them having overstated the danger of the variant in order to cover their asses for The Great Christmas Fuck Up and that having now massively backfired as the rest of the world shuts down travel / freight.

    I’m going to go with “very fucking high”, which, coincidentally, is what I would like to be right now.

  • can't wait for all of this to have absolutely no impact whatsoever on the government's polling

  • ^ Tories gonna Tory

  • I try not to live in a social media echo chamber, which means stuff like this occasionally pops up via friends...

    I do worry that divide n conquer means folks will simply kill each other rather than seek political changes.

    Unrelated, how much of a bottle of Port is too much?

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  • Unrelated, how much of a bottle of Port is too much?

    You need to be able to pull it out again.

  • Unrelated, how much of a bottle of Port is too much?

    Surely the question is how many bottles are too many? In my experience 2 is a sufficiency.

  • Unrelated, how much of a bottle of Port is too much?

    kinga... is that you... ?

  • Good point, we've only got one. Happy to mix with Whisky though.

  • kinga... is that you... ?

    I had to Google that, grim.

  • I didn't have to Google it, grimmer.

  • He did ignore the rules and so did his dad, his dad even bragged about it.

    So fuck it, why should anyone.

  • Ah 'paramedic' humour...try the cummings effect.

  • Excellence from the China Daily EU Bureau Chief

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  • A professor from NERVTAG just rang into LBC and said that he cannot see the logic in the governments response to the information they provided on the moderate risk of the new virulent stain.

  • So fuck it, why should anyone

    To stop people dying?

  • Implying the government are over exaggerating it?

  • Anecdata. Streets round us usually full with parked cars are half empty. Not everyone has stayed at home.

  • Excellence

    Hmmm... I am no fan of Farage of course. But I am not enamoured to the concept of hardened Chinese patriot taking one for the team either.

    Some years ago I worked on an art project that fell foul of Chinese sensors and after weeks of evasive excuses, one hitherto invisible civil servant suddenly jumped out of the woodwork and delivered a similarly rude final statement. No doubt enjoying accolades from his peers afterwards.

  • Is there any record of where the vaccination programme is at, with regards to age?

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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