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  • Christ. In the space of a day, it's gone from 'enjoy meeting your family' to the introduction of a new and previously un-speculated set of strict rules, to 'tier four is going to be in place for months ' (Hancock, c.09:00 in guardian live blog):­020/dec/20/coronavirus-live-news-nsw-pre­mier-to-provide-update-on-sydney-restric­tions-as-northern-beaches-locked-down-uk­-tightens-christmas-rules?CMP=Share_Andr­oidApp_Other

    That's the issue isn't it? The decision is the right one but it presumably could have been made days / weeks ago.

    Is it likely that they got new information in the past 12 hours that the statisticians had been keeping from them previously, or were they just happy to ride the inappropriate good news wave for as long as they could before breaking this one.

  • It’s not abnormal for train companies to sell ticket and not offer a seat is what I’m saying, I thought this is normal having to stand up for hours every time I go out off London.

  • I said southerners and northerners, but I'm trying to convey the reasoning behind other people's feelings after the North South divide was brought up, not my personal opinion.

    You want to enjoy a tier 3 mulled wine on Highfield at some point?

  • Yes mate, sometime after Christmas would be great if the world hasn’t ended!

  • mutant covid cancelled christmas. what a load of pish and what a useless servile press we are ill served by in this country

  • Hit me up something around then, I think I'll have a few minutes spare.

  • Hancock has just said he only found out on a week ago last Friday. I’m so sceptical about this, it’s very convenient.

  • Yes I've been there . It shouldn't happen in 'normal' times let alone in the middle of a pandemic.

  • It’s the government we should be blaming though and not each other.

    You must have a lot of faith in the competence of the government then.

  • So I'm going to be breaking tha rulez beacuse I don't have anywhere to live and can't stay at freiends place as they are comming back and need there flat. We were totaly caught out with the Govs change I think there will be many others who were too. But yeah also loads of dickheads . I'm not looking forward to the train journe... Escape from New York mixed with warriors vibe is what I'm going for.

  • you don't believe that there is a more contagious strain that has taken hold in the new Tier 4 areas?

  • Nah sorry you’re right. Was a bit ott by me there and wasn’t meant to be targeted to you so aggressively. Just got a bit worked up and worried after seeing the stations with a lot of people heading north potentially screwing over and putting my family at risk.

  • Great film. One of my fav’s.

  • I do believe there is a more contagious strain. I try not to believe in conspiracy theories and I don't think chris whitty would cape for the government. but it is only one of the reasons that there is the need for this christmas lockdown, probably further down the hierarchy of reasons when compared to the persistent incompetence, mismanagement (eat out to help out ffs) and poor messaging of the government.

  • It shouldn't happen in 'normal' times let alone in the middle of a pandemic.

    Agree, especially how inaccessible it is too.

  • I think if everyone did this, then we would be in a better place right now.

    Staying the fuck away from everyone unless you absolutely have to and using your common sense would have made things better.

    People blame primary schools for example and how keeping them open has spread it while sat in a pub getting sloshed with mates while going to work with a persistent cough.

  • The decision is the right one but it presumably could have been made days / weeks ago.

    The advice/common sense not to mix and avoid groups of people has been around for months.

  • Yes, but then it was specifically removed over Christmas.

    I mean the decision to 'cancel' Christmas was the right one (although it shouldn't have been necessary because they shouldn't have made it an exception etc).

  • Can you get a car out?

  • Yeah, 4 days ago Johnson said cancelling Christmas would be inhumane... but now he can blame a new variant (which isn't brand new?) when really Christmas should have been cancelled months ago. Political games.

  • There's exemptions if you're in a support bubble (and they still apply to tier 4). You're allowed to travel and stay over within that bubble at any point.

  • ... and the press will just launder his (and all tory) bullshit unceasingly.

  • and using your common sense would have made things better.

    I agree with your post, about staying the fuck away from people, but please don't fall into the "use common sense" trap.

    Common sense as a concept is pure bollocks. "It's never common and very rarely sense", is my view.

    If it were actually a commonly held view then it wouldn't need stating, would it?

    A right wing anti-vaxxer will hold a very different definition of "common sense" than I would. Dominic Cummings would hold yet another view.

    Deferring to common sense interpretations of vague, poorly implemented guidelines is part of the reason why we are in such a shit position.

    Furthermore, I actually think "common sense" as a phrase is very often used perjoratively and passively to criticise other's actions whilst implying that oneself wouldn't be so silly. The total opposite of a "common" position.

    "Common sense" is the lingo of Boris and his half witted cabinet who don't have the guts or conviction to actually do the difficult thing at the right time.

    Sorry. End of rant.

  • Oxford m40 services was packed last night with families exchanging presents

    Like sitting in your car in a traffic jam wondering why the traffic is so 'bad'.

    One family has decided not to wait for the government's review of its Christmas coronavirus restrictions - and will exchange presents early at a motorway service station.
    Amanda Shephard told Sky News they had chosen not to meet at her parents' home in Worcester - and instead decided on the more extreme, but COVID-secure option.
    "My parents are 72, my husband's mum is 75, and although they are generally fit, well, and happy to go out and see us all, it's always in the back of your mind that you may have taken the virus to them.
    "So we just decided to meet up with them half way on a motorway service station and exchange presents there."
    The mother of three added that meeting while COVID-19 cases were on the rise came with consequences that were "just too great".

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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