Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • I'd take the presents today.
    You'll be able to shop.tmrw.

    Plus you'll be able to.wave etc

  • The BBC:

    The "support bubbles" for adults living alone will continue

    No mention of ones for children under 1. Every time there’s a change, we have to wait a week until we have any idea what’s going on.

  • All of this is a shit show.
    What we're seeing is a bunch of incompetent tits with a game plan for something that isn't this.

    The dynamic of this means you have to respond quickly and have a plan. And if it changes ("everyone has a plan till they get punched in the face") they need to be able to communicate changes and new plans quickly and clearly.

    I'd say it's not unexpected for new strains to be found over the course of a year, especially at this volume of cases and sequencing.

  • No idea. I can’t imagine they’d make the announcement without being able to make it happen.

    Even Boris isn’t that useless.

  • What are they actually going to do if everyone just plans on having the xmas day they had planned?

  • We’ve been doing exactly the same, for exactly the same reason.

  • ☝️☝️can’t see that happening, a lot of folk are happy following what they say

  • Yeah - heading out now.

  • 6 weeks lockdown in NI starting 26th.

    But they are still arguing about closing schools. Virus wise our past lockdown just didn't drive infections down that much...I don't think they have much choice.

  • Nothing they can do, is there? Fine everyone? Not possible really

  • Put them in festive gulags.

  • What the fuck is our government playing at

  • Our 5yo’s school closed on Tuesday, in SE4. Just dawned on me unlikely to go back when planned or a brief yo-yo and we’ll be home schooling for Jan.

  • My parents at Xmas ain’t much different, frankly

  • there is no "they" as distinct from us....this is a social problem that affects everyone. the better question is what are we going to do if the nbs continue to spike. what are we going to do when the NHS can no longer treat every patient admitted.

  • Put proper funding into the NHS and make it able to cope? I know there’s bombs to buy and all, but maybe we could buy less of them and use that money to fight the thing that’s really killing people in large numbers, rather than sabre rattling at Prussia?

  • My virology knowledge is limited but I presume the vaccine is only applicable to the previous strain of covid. The vaccine will not then be effective on the new variant???

  • It should probably work

  • Read this ...­ec/14/how-a-new-covid-strain-may-have-sp­read-virus-in-south-of-england

    If the virus does mutate into a resistant form, vaccines can be tweaked to make them effective again.

  • what are you advocating? That people are morally justified in ignoring covid rules because the government has supposedly prioritised military finding over health services?

  • Money doesn’t make the staff who are on their fucking knees already suddenly virus-proof. When infection rates go up in the general population it goes up in NHS staff at the same rate.

  • One silver lining to this cloud is Nicola Sturgeon is finally getting to live out her nationalist fantasy by passing legislation to close the border with England. This is definitely not at all unworkable or her way of getting revenge on those Scots who dared to move away.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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