Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Fuck shit bollox. I'm in London looking for somewhere to live staying at a friend's place who is out in dubai with plans to go to see my mum who is on her I can't go or can I still go??? Fuck this government fuck this virus

  • Yeah right.

    Don’t forget that it’ll be all over by October 2020, he also said.

  • Are you a loan adult household? If so form a support bubble with your mum and you can see her.

  • if you live in London this is now in Tier 4 which means that there must be no mixing between households.
    you can still however form a support bubble with another household - e.g. if you are an adult, single household you can bubble with another - I'm not sure how long-term your friend is out in Dubai for and whether or not you would count as a single person household.

  • Regardless of rules, I'd also ask what your personal level of exposure risk has been. I'd worry about seeing anyone 'socially' if I hadn't been isolating.

  • Tier 4. Here we are.

  • We are also looking after an ill cat and can't leave him till Tuesday. Will trains be running?

  • Why do they insist on making these announcements and then not updating the .gov guidance??

    We’re in tier 4 (Hertfordshire) and we’re in a childcare support bubble (child under 1) with my wife’s parents.

    During the press conference:

    1. Those in tier four are banned from travelling outside their tier (including for Christmas)
    2. “If you’re elderly or lonely” you have the consolation of forming a bubble

    Are childcare support bubbles still a thing? Can they travel across tiers? What about when another household (brother in law & wife) are there on Christmas Day?

    It feels like these things could be easily understood from the .gov if the bullets are updated but, with the changes coming in 6 hours, I don’t even know if I should pop over quickly and deliver presents (they live 20 mins down the road) or quickly pop to Tesco now that we’re eating alone for the next two weeks.

  • my understanding is that support bubbles unaffected

    edit - this is all how its being reported on bbc & itv news

  • If Boris were not someone who:

    1. Would clearly ignore the rules himself, were he not in charge
    2. Be leading the anti lockdown frother contingent and writing telegraph pieces about the inhumanity of cancelling Christmas

    .....I think I’d have more respect for the rules.

  • So is this going to be law or guidance?

    I can't see this going through Parliament ahead of Christmas.

    Obviously the fact I'm asking has nothing to do with the fact that my Dad is clinically vulnerable, I've pretty much been locked down for weeks, haven't seen any friends, gone out, or gone swimming all in preparation for going home for Christmas... and I had a PCR test this morning.

    Because unlike our government I'm a proper grown up who takes responsibility for myself and I had/have a plan.

  • Are childcare support bubbles still a thing? Can they travel across tiers?

    I think so. But don't forget childcare bubbles are only for childcare anyway, bit social. So it's okay for your kids to have lunch at your folks house but you can't join them.

  • whatever your views, personal or political, the only reasons you should have respect for the rules is that they are there to keep transmissions low enough that the NHS can continue to deliver treatment, and accordingly save lives; and so that less restrictive lockdowns are needed allowing society and the economy to function more normally.

  • Been staying in Somerset with wife's family up untill Fri when we came up to view flats. So would be mixing house holds. I have spoken to my mum she is OK basicly said Xmas is canceled and is OK about it.

  • Sure, and I agree totally. I’m not sure that getting someone like Boris Johnson to deliver the message is the best of ideas though.

  • Apparently we’re in a support bubble not a childcare bubble because Ayla is under 1.

    Which is very clear.

  • Beacuse of seeing flats just travleing about more than normal I think fairly high?I don't know. Mum OK taking it on the chin she is happy to have a proper Xmas later in the year. Now working out about traveling back to Somerset possible fines etc.

  • So is this going to be law or guidance?

    National changes have to go through parliament.

    Tier changes etc do not.

  • What about last minute Christmas rule changes?

  • I'd take the presents today.
    You'll be able to shop.tmrw.

    Plus you'll be able to.wave etc

  • The BBC:

    The "support bubbles" for adults living alone will continue

    No mention of ones for children under 1. Every time there’s a change, we have to wait a week until we have any idea what’s going on.

  • All of this is a shit show.
    What we're seeing is a bunch of incompetent tits with a game plan for something that isn't this.

    The dynamic of this means you have to respond quickly and have a plan. And if it changes ("everyone has a plan till they get punched in the face") they need to be able to communicate changes and new plans quickly and clearly.

    I'd say it's not unexpected for new strains to be found over the course of a year, especially at this volume of cases and sequencing.

  • No idea. I can’t imagine they’d make the announcement without being able to make it happen.

    Even Boris isn’t that useless.

  • What are they actually going to do if everyone just plans on having the xmas day they had planned?

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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