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  • Deaths by different measures:


    The combined death toll recorded by the UK’s three statistical agencies – which count all deaths where Covid is mentioned on the death certificate – has now reached 71,719 deaths.


    The figure is higher than the government’s Covid death toll of 59,051. The latter figure only covers people who have died within 28 days of testing positive for the virus.

    3) Combining various sources to bring the figure up-to-date and to arrive at 'more than 75,000':

    In the last week for which UK-wide death figures are available there were more than 2,800 deaths registered across the UK, an average of over 400 Covid deaths a day.


    The combined death toll recorded by the UK’s three statistical agencies – which count all deaths where Covid is mentioned on the death certificate – has now reached 71,719 deaths.

    Further to that the government’s dashboard shows 3,384 people have died since the latest releases from statistical agencies, bringing the total number of Covid-related deaths to 75,103.­ec/01/uk-coronavirus-death-toll-passes-7­5000

  • Peak of human... we can evaluate how ill we are as a species by analysing our poop en masse and observing our enjoyment of scented candles.

  • Local Chiswick guerrilla artist likening things to soviet bloc era living. I think that’s what they’re saying anyway.

  • The German bit should have a hyphen between "Hounslow" and "Sektor" or "den Sektor von Hounslow".

    Can't get the staff, etc.

  • You’d think they’d spell check before committing to something so prominent

  • Pfizer vaccine approved for use in the UK (first country to approve...). Vaccinations could start within days.­96

    Finally a piece of good news.

  • Now to wait for the inevitable organisational fuckups that will come from the health department or the anti-vax movement to gain traction via shitty facebook memes.

  • My money's on both.

  • Can’t help feeling really excited about this. I think the anti-vaxers won’t gain a foothold since it is inevitable that some form of vaccination certificate is going to be required to get on planes, ships and I’m pretty sure countries will need a certificate or test and isolate protocol for visitors. So if people want to do stuff they are going to have to be vaccinated.

  • Why? It’s conspiracy theorist, they can easily claim the government release a placebo and stop killing people at the same time to make us trust the government.

  • Can’t help feeling really excited about this.

    Me too.

    My grandma is 90, is in the mid-stages of dementia and lives alone. She's going downhill and needs to move into care in order to get the level of support and interaction she needs to have a good quality of life. Until she's vaccinated, there's no way we would risk moving her into a care facility until vaccines are done but the longer that goes on, the more of her we lose.

    Hoping this means we can take action early in the new year.

    Also, with a 4 month old, the ability to go out and do things, to see family etc and travel is vital. Being restricted has definitely affected my wife and I's mental health.

  • Similar. My Dad has MS and is nearly 70. While he doesn't do much anyway, he is avoiding the hospital appointments he desperately needs (if he can get them) to help prevent the progression of the disease. Plus it means I can hopefully go and see them with less worry of bringing something with me. I haven't seen them (which means they haven't seen their 18mo granddaughter) since last Christmas.

    ms_com's mother is a teacher in a special needs school and has a 15yo son going to a not very well managed (from a C19 perspective) school so is worried to death of catching it. So even though she lives 4 miles from us, we've seen her about 5 times in the last year always in a very tense, outdoor setting.

    I'm not kidding myself that the vaccine is going to fix anything in a short space of time. But it's something in the right direction.

    Also, some upcoming work changes would mean that fairly regular travel from London to Belfast would be super handy.

  • To unfairly play devils advocate, my grandmother is actually safer in the home (also mid stage dementia) - their protocols are amazing, and while she does say she feels 'locked in', she has far more social interactions (that are managed to the best possible safety levels) than if she were still in her own place. She improved massively once she moved into the home. We may just be very lucky with where she is though.

    My other half's gran, who still lives at home, is ignoring all advice to be cautious - we know this because she left us a voicemail asking for a taxi...

  • Vaccinations beginning in Uk next week according to BBC news just now.

  • I don't disagree but i'm not the decision maker. My grandma herself is staunchly independent (has live alone since my Grandad passed away in 2002) and has previously claimed she would 'lie on the floor and refuse to move' if she was moved into care.

    My mum and her brother are wary of care facilities based on the breakouts at the beginning of the year and no data on recent breakouts etc will change that.

    The only way she'll be moved to care is if the vaccine rollout happens now / soon.

  • It's not a particularly fun scenario no matter the circumstances, best of luck!

  • C&H:

  • Don’t think it’s been posted here:
    (Warning - metal music)­

  • There's a very sad real-life example of this, a 31 year old with terminal cancer. He wrote some very moving articles for the Guardian (link to the articles he wrote is at the top of that piece).

  • N.b. approved authorised for emergency use

    Not shooting the messenger.

    Just to bring up the conversation that
    scepticism about vaccines (aka anti-vaxxers) is distinct, by way of the approval process, to potential scepticism about Covid "vaccines" if they are via "emergency use" authorisation.

    To be clear, no suggestion that"emergency use" = unsafe, Lower levels of scrutiny etc.

  • Is some of the 'authorised for emergency use' bit because at the moment the MHRA can't generally approve things? Until the end of the year we are still part of the EU system under the EMA for day to day things.

    Or so I'm led to believe by some mainstream journalism that didn't provide any citations.

  • I live the other side of that bridge! The same sign was on the other side but marked as the Ealing sector, as that bridge marks the boundary of Ealing and Hounslow. It got removed fairly quickly.

    It's a comment on LTNs - they've converted that road (and a couple of others ) to cycle routes and it's not gone down well - the council are predictably being likened to dictatorships - that bridge must be Checkpoint Charlie or something.

    It (the LTN change) was carnage at the beginning but it's calmed down a lot now. It's certainly screwed up my ever using my car for quick journeys, but I'm in favour of the LTN overall.

    Not on that road though - there's a huge number of people refusing to acknowledge that it's been closed and driving through regardless... I ride it every day with my daughter and since September I think only a couple of times I've not been passed by cars.

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  • Shouldn’t that be vous sortiez and le secteur?

    There’s a Monty Python sketch here but I can’t quite put my finger on it...

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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