Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Haha ripped to shreds.

    I’m a scientist and enjoyed the article, made a lot of sense to me and was quite a convincing story.

    The term sketchy data should definitely have set alarm bells ringing though tbf.

  • Thanks. Certainly seems to have caused a fuss!

  • The Grauniad really is just click bait now. I bought it daily for 20 years. Quite sad when an institution fails. I blame Rusbridger.

  • What newspaper do you buy daily now?

  • Newspaper history should be a separate topic.. I grew up in a house where newspapers were a serious thing.. The Dundee Courier, the Press and Journal and the Scotsman were delivered daily. The Scotsman delivery changed to the Glasgow Herald when I was about 12. I pushed for the Guardian when I was about 14. Left home in 1992. Bought the Guardian till about 2013. Switched to the FT kindle subscription. Cancelled that due to brexit coverage. Bought the Times until lockdown ended my long commute. Now buy the Times and FT on Saturday. Occasionally buy the Sunday Mail (scottish tabloid) and the Sun.

  • So what you are saying is you wish the papers didn't have to drive online views and could go back to the print, and advertising in print, model of yesteryear but at the same time you buy a fraction of the paper copies you used to.

  • Why is the Independent so little read? I browse that online when I'm on the loo. Otherwise The Conversation seems good for opinion pieces.
    Brexit put me off even the mainstream media so much because it felt like constant clickbait headlines from every direction that changed everyday. I think a lot of people felt / feel disorientated by it and switched off.

  • Got a bit put off after finding out that it's owned by an ex-KGB / SVR agent.

  • 2 weeks lockdown coming on 27 november in Northern Ireland, only schools open.

    Cases dropped but hospitals are still too busy.

  • Another 2 weeks off for the kid after a positive test in her year.

  • Work colleague trotted off this weekend for a holiday in Wales in one of their 3 properties.

  • Why is the Independent so little read?

    Because their website is an example of everything that is wrong with modern web norms, it is so bad that is unusable.

  • Seconded

  • We live in a small pocket of London where most households seem to have a second home somewhere. Its notable how much more on street parking there is available during lockdowns.

  • I think it's that.

  • Went to get a regular flu jab. Not stocks for 2 weeks. Bodes well for the vaccine roll out.

  • Anecdotally loads of people are getting flu jabs to avoid getting a double whammy of seasonal flu combined with COVID.

  • May have been a rush on flu jabs as you will probably need a 4 week gap between those and the COVID jabs and NHS staff in particular have been told to get them pronto.

    All the cautious chat about waiting for the regulator’s approval is rubbish, these COVID vaccines are going out the door ASAP

  • Then what is the reason for saying they are awaiting approval? To stop/curb the initial rush?

  • To make sure people take it.

    I think the clinical community knew this stuff was working well a very long time ago as December was a date pencilled in from Oct from memory.

  • Good point. How long could it take for the regulators to say OK? What else do they need to do apart from read the reports and say OK? It's not like they are going test it themselves. Strikes me as a 24hr thing, if they really wanted to. It's not like buying a house where every cunt just ignores the forms they're sent to read.

  • But you have to fulfil criteria to be eligible - you can't just rock up.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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