Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Most research so far seems to indicate that the antibodies last 2-3 months so I wouldn't expect much this far on.

  • Rumours that Wales will be going into full circuit-breaker lockdown from 23rd to 9th.

  • I don't believe that'll work unless you can either get the world to do it at the same time or stop all over boarder movement.

    (controllable boarders which Wales doesn't have)

  • Oh. Booo then.
    Still - in it for the greater good etc.

  • My wife and I had suspected Covid around March - isolated for 3 weeks in the end.

    Fast forward to now, had a random overnight fever, sweating absolute buckets all night and I woke up with an aching hip. Aching hip was one of the noticeable symptoms from first time round as it came out of nowhere (had other symptoms at the time, fatigue, headaches, shortness of breath etc). So I went and got a test today as we elected to cancel plans and then I realised that if I'm worried enough to cancel plans I might as well get a test.

    Hoping it was just a random fever and I'm just being overly cautious. It's a funny position to be in. I definitely hope I don't have it, but if it is positive, it justifies being overly cautious or worried about it.

    There's no real point to this, other than wanting to complain.


  • If you did have it you may get a positive. But if you get a negative it doesn't mean you've not had it, if that makes sense.

  • (controllable boarders which Wales doesn't have)

    I don't know about that, don't they have lots of students who proved eminently controllable when someone locked the doors to halls of residence? :)

  • I was wondering which speelling was correct... Thank you

  • It’s a strange one: eminently means very, but in this context it means the opposite because it’s used sarcastically.

    Imminently means inevitably soon, which would be a similar message to eminently without any sarcasm. However, in this context imminently doesn’t usually have a connotation of sarcasm so it would probably be taken literally, not sarcastically.

    Imminently could be interpreted as being used sarcastically if the receiver assumed the emitter mistakenly used it instead of eminently. So it’s a verbal Schroedinger’s cat where imminently controllable could be sarcastic or not sarcastic, but not for the same reasons as eminently controllable.

  • I'm not on bored with this explanation.

  • I'm not on bored with this explanation.

    Eminently so.

  • Not so much an explanation as a random observation.

  • An observation that really board down to the heart of the matter.

  • Nose/throat swab on the 4th October as part of the ONS survey.

    Letter arrives today (19th October, 15 days after the test) to say it was negative (no surprise there). Letter was dated 16th October.

    If it had been a positive test, and they'd taken that long to let me know, the 14 day period would have ended before I'd even got the result.

    a) the result is still useful for the ONS survey, no matter how delayed it is
    b) if the test had been positive they may have contacted me a lot sooner

  • Yeah I wonder if a positive test would have pinged up in the test & trace system and been texted to you outside of the ONS framework. Might be expecting too much though...

  • My first test is today, not sure why I'm excited.

  • if the test had been positive they may have contacted me a lot sooner

    I really hope so.

  • And the kicker:

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  • Probably repost, I dunno, I have no time for da covidz­KVA

  • I thought this was a good read on how wider poor health in the UK has made the epidemic worse:­e/2020/oct/18/alarming-data-britain-sick­-man-europe-before-covid

  • The government tells Manchester "that's it, we're through negotiating - you're now in tier 3", to which Burnham replies "no we're not".

    What does Johnson do next? Surely he's powerless to enforce tier 3 unless he literally sends in the army, which I think he won't, so his brinkmanship here is running a very real risk of being called by Burnham.

  • It would be interesting to read whatever psych profiles the Russians, French, Americans have on BoJo and his ministers. I’m no expert but he seems to like brinkmanship, despite being quite bad at it.

  • The other question is how many fronts does he want to be fighting on at once- vs the EU, vs the Scotts, vs the Welsh, vs Manchester, and he’s got very low chances of success in each case. The biggest problem is likely Manchester exposing the government as a paper tiger, but any one of these could do so.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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