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  • There are a surprising number of people who simply can't do that. No savings, no credit cards, etc.

    Surprising high or low number ?

  • High.

    So many people live hand-to-mouth or paycheck-to-paycheck.

  • I'd be fucked with a grand bill (actually I'd just file it with all the other ignored old bills) £100 would be a massive pain but doable.

  • you had 1000 cans of Tyskie though, worth it.

  • Took me a couple of reads to realise you meant grand as in 1000, and not grand as in 'impressively large'.

  • I'd be fucked with a grand bill.

    Ditto, even with my benefit on top.

  • It wouldn't be grand.

  • Just finished the survey. The question was:

    "If you got an unexpected but necessary bill of £850, would you be able to pay it?"

  • I'd be fucked with a grand bill

    Just received one from my freeholder. Gosh what a breezy letter that came with it. As if I should be thankful.

    Fucking pricks!

  • Yeah but you're rich

  • Yeah, if you can't rustle up £30k or so from the change down the back of the sofa, what do you expect?

    P.S. Meant in jest.

  • Staggeringly and depressingly high.

    I was at a wedding a few years ago, and I was surprised at the deliriously ecstactic reponse from the lady I was talking to when she was offered a lift home. It turned out she'd be saving for the last two months just to be able to afford the cab fare home from the wedding. The taxi fare would've been about 30 quid.

    I'd just been telling her, at length, about the Porsche I'd bought myself as a wee treat/reward for having paid off my mortgage. I did a fair bit of privilege-checking that night.

  • I can pay it and I'm thankful for that. My point was that it's fairly easy to just have one of these turn up on your doorstep. Obvs. lease ownership isn't the only way.

    Plenty of people on the same lease will not be able to. They could re-mortgage I guess but special cladding forms & fixed income.

  • Yeah, if you can't rustle up £30k or so from the change down the back of the sofa, what do you expect?

    m8 - someone who bought their local authority flat for £90k in the 80's and is now retired is in a very different position to someone offering to buy a house for £600k who then can't find 5% of the value of it when it turns out their lender shits the bed at the figure they offered. This discussion is more about the former than the later don't you think?

    P.S. Meant in jest.

    Yeah I know but maybe just don't?

  • Just wondering, is that comparable to your peer group?

    In our case, we are still saving up for a house and pension pot and we have nothing to complain about, but probably have to "wage slaves" until pension age and forget about buying a new car now and when house is paid off. And that is worse than my colleagues due to me losing a house due to negative equity and my partner having been laid off before twice.

    But...where I live in Belfast, having a house in a decent area with a car that's not a banger is perfectly normal. 2 miles down and you are in poverty and FLEGS territory, half a mile up and it is KERCHING territory, but that is a tiny patch compared to the flegs/council houses/normal middle class (not England TV middle class) housing.

    An expensive house and 2 cars, that's already for the definitely better off. My parents always had used cars and a 3 bed semi with converted garage in a cheaper area of The Netherlands.

    TL:DR not complaining but just wondering. And how is the Porsche? Was it worth it? :)

  • A huge amount of people. Quite sad really.


    this is quite interesting, take away backward tracing and testing everybody that has been at venues where infected people have been, focussing in door poorly ventilated areas and doing more inaccurate mass testing in venues with many people (carehomes etc.) and precise testing if somebody is positive may be better than approach taken in many countries.

  • We found that media mentions of US President Donald Trump
    within the context of COVID-19 misinformation made up by far the largest share of the infodemic.
    Trump mentions comprised 37.9% of the overall misinformation conversation,well ahead of any
    other topics. We conclude that the President of the UnitedStates was likely the largest driver of the
    COVID-19 misinformation“infodemic”. Only 16.4% of the misinformation conversation was “factchecking” in nature, suggesting that the majority of COVID misinformation is conveyed by the media
    without question or correction­vanega-et-al-coronavirus-misinformation-­submitted-07-23-20-1/080839ac0c22bca8/fu­ll.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0r-D7awoQQX8Y8OwcfNchF­4weq6VY4P0zfy2WyqI6aPvYMdFQg9Lp7jYQ

  • Anyone else been confirmed sick, but without a cold , fever and/or cough?
    Did you have any specific symptoms? I've been feeling off (or more off than usual) for about a week with a diffuse discomfort in the chest/lungs. Not really out of breath, but a slight tension and ache in the chest when inhaling etc. Been brushing it off as anxiety and stress but starting to think it might actually be the Rona', or something else underlying..

  • Also meant in jest, I'm unsure of how much you've featured in the golf club thread tbh :)

    And obviously I agree on all the leasehold/freehold stuff.

  • Just wondering, is that comparable to your peer group?

    Difficult to say. Looking at old school friends, friends from university and colleagues there are some who are considerably wealthier than I am either due to family money or very remunerative careers (mostly banking and finance). Some are more on the 'just getting by' level despite living very modest lifestyles. There's quite a wide spread. The main differentiator I imagine is that I lived at home for a long time during my 20s, built up a chunky deposit and then bought a house in the sticks, so there wasn't that much of a mortgage to pay off in the first place.

    And how is the Porsche? Was it worth it? :)

    It was. It was great fun, but it attracted a lot of unwelcome attention from the police and boy-racers, particularly the latter, so I sold it to my BiL and bought something rather more understated but faster. The Porsche was new to me, I should point out, not new new. I've never bought a new new car (although I have built some) and I doubt I ever will.

  • Book a test.

  • bought something rather more understated

    Are you talking about the Fisher here? I'd be inclined to disagree if that's the case!

  • Are you talking about the Fisher here? I'd be inclined to disagree if that's the case!

    No, the RS6 SuperFastWankerBarge. The Fisher could never be described as understated. It's the lack of a windscreen which does it.

  • I would very much enjoy a RS6. Currently in dad mobile mode, but can appreciate the market for practical yet unreasonably fast SUVs/estates.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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