Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • ^ 99 +ves 1700 locked down. Sounds a shambles.­nchester-54289648

  • Omnishambles. What a totally predictable shitstorm.


    Tests carried out by the NHS or PHE cannot be added to the 'NHS' test and trace app.

  • .

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  • So angry about the university shit-storms; UCU have been saying for months we needed to be working on an online-only basis at least until Christmas, and planning to give students as good an experience as possible under those circumstances, but, as ever, VCs and government have spent their time alternately bullying staff and sticking their heads in the fucking sand.

  • Meet me in the trying to pick up girls with magic tricks while wearing a fedora thread

    Rubik's cube is where it's at.

  • Wat.

    The NI one has this all sorted with a code you get with a positive test results that must be keyed in. Edit: so does this one but not for hospital tests?

    Let me check on that here.

  • Jesus Christ.

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  • So pretty fucking useless then.

  • So only the private tests done by Serco can be entered into the app?

  • Think it limits it to tests booked via

  • “ Boris Johnson ‘never discussed 10pm pub curfew with science advisers’ “

    Quelle surprise.­Vg

  • rest assured he discussed it with cummings and gove, who i'm pretty sure have read more than a few newspaper articles on the matter, so swings and roundabouts.

  • also - people coming round our house to give quotes on shit and not packing a mask.

    the fuck outa here.

  • Agents from our freeholder turned up uninvited and unannounced and unmasked at our gaff the other day.

    Fucking disgrace on so many levels. So many expletives were thrown their way.

  • I had a look on comments on Covid ni app, not seen any complaints this is a problem here...

  • This is what I got when I just installed the app. Had to uninstall and reinstall and then it worked.

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  • Caught a 75 bus from Perry Vale to Lewisham town centre a couple of hours ago.
    Sign on bus said 'Bus Full'.
    Three people got off.
    Bus driver held up three fingers.
    Three of us boarded.
    Announcements on bus: 'Everyone seated'- 'Preferably a window seat' - 'Maintain a safe distance' 'Wear a mask'.
    Everyone was compliant.

    Return journey was made using a 185 from where it commences at Lewisham Station.
    I was the first passenger to board.
    Along the route the driver picked up anyone who wanted to board.
    The bus was absolutely rammed.
    No social distancing whatsoever.


  • “We’ve been scrambling to catch up, with agonising slowness.”
    “Never again must we launch 193 different campaigns against the same enemy”
    “the pandemic had “united humanity as never before”
    Could be me, but I’m struggling with Bunris Jisms’ reported speech to the UN general assembly and my cognitive dissonance with the actual world - or the guvernoughts view of its poorformance - here?

  • The bus was absolutely rammed.

    No social distancing whatsoever.

    What ? 2 to a seat ?
    I would have been tempted to have a word ...

  • Yep. 2 to a seat.
    I had some primary school kid sat on the seat next to me.
    TBF the mask I wear­espirator-med
    I believe affords me slightly better protection than that afforded by the pale blue surgical masks.
    But even so, FFS

  • Empty seat bus mask.

  • That'd guarantee me a seat, if not a carriage, on the Overground.
    I'm not about to justify the mask, but it is something I've had knocking around from a time when I earned a living by spraying paint, amongst doing other things.
    Anyhow, it frightens the children.
    So all is good.

  • A gym i pass early morning has people steaming in there with no social distance . Right hacks me off after 6 months riding on my bob todd. Reported to the council and i hope they all die. Selfish bsds

  • Jesus Christ. I chose the wrong time to read the forum.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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