Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • With risk of a £10k fine, why bother getting a test, better not to know and carry on in ignorance....

    Lewis Goodall off that Newsnight is making the same point on his Twits right now.

  • Sweden fucked it up for sure, could have protected old peoples homes way better and had alot less deaths.
    Apart from Stockholm/Gothenburg/Malmo people do have (in general) a lot more space than most, housing and leisure wise which makes it a lot easier to social distance.
    Was back home in August and as per usual not many people hug/kiss and (my opinion/experience only) family interaction is not as important as in other countries. It's just easier to keep distance to one and other.
    Also Swedish people(me included) are well programmed to follow what authorities/government tell you to. Not necessarily a bad thing in these circumstances........really bad/easy for getting people to vote right wing though....

    Compared to UK yes, pensioners are definitely more healthy in Sweden(my opinion only). Hard to compare though cause Sweden and UK are very different in most ways tbh, history, geography, politics.
    The other Scandi countries did much better at the start than Sweden(Finland still doing really well) but are now feeling the same backlash as other countries. Dosent mean that much though. They are all different countries with different circumstances.
    I personally think Sweden did the right thing for their circumstances. If you asked me about Swedens stance in May I would have said something very different.......

  • From yesterday's times:

  • Some people in NI were struggling to get a test online, got one in Glasgow (lol?) and had to ring.

    With lower population density we are better off I'd guess..

  • So, knowing PCR lab kit is a likely bottleneck, was the UK government lax?

    Or is it just hard to get kit and / or train people to use it?

    You can't undo years of neglect in 6 months...

  • Don't think that map tells the full story, I've been trying to book a test all week since daughter picked up a flu and met with 'service currently busy' or you get right to the end of the form and 'no test sites found' tried at all times throughout the day and even in the middle of the night, countless times. NW London postcode. Got offered a postal test once but couldn't verify ID online and offered another drive in test over 1 hour away 5 mins before the appointment time of the test.

  • I can’t understand how they keep dropping the ball with their message crafting, and especially their slogans. The Government developed an entire team of expert sociologists and psychologists dedicated to optimising public messaging impact (Behavioural Insights Team, hence privatised but still providing training to government), and I know firsthand how effective and proficient they can be at crafting these types of messages. How do they continue to get it wrong?

  • Because Cummings has editorial control? Or more probably: the wider government is stocked with incompetents who over-rule the sort of person you are talking abouts work.

  • I guess it’s something to do with the need to get people back to work.

  • Most of that was guff or only worked on trivial things. Actual urgent serious things need an entirely different approach.

  • Can’t comment on how much of it was guff, but they definitely had effective lessons to share. Without doxxing myself, for several years my job overseas saw me participating in crafting urgent messages to the public and national governments in response to major crisis scenarios. One can never get it 100% right 100% of the time, especially under pressure, but getting the priorities wrong in a 3 word message? Abysmal.

    Edit to add %

  • Because they don't believe in experts and they think they know better than public health officials, despite various elements of similiar crisis having played out multiple times around the world in the past and lessons learnt, they think they can war game it with litte knowledge and come up with better solutions, it's arrogance and self belief out of control

  • Watching the social dilemma, I’m not surprise by this in the slightest.

  • Anyone tried to read any of the guidance on "what to do"?
    A fucking flow chart would just be rad.

  • Especially as a flow chart probably sits behind it and is the "algorithm" used.

  • You’d think those infoviz nerds would be all over this shit

  • Negative for Mrs upsidedown. Had 2/3 symptoms but mostly over it now so back to work on Monday I suppose.

  • I had a test yesterday, no symptoms so unsurprised it was negative. Worst part was sitting at my designated plastic table and chair in HK airport for best part of 9 hours waiting for the results before they let me through passport control.

  • Listening to a Dutch Comedy/News show: So Netherlands has a lot of smaller local test labs (good) BUT they are refusing to call in the big commercial labs even though the small ones cannot cope anymore. This seems to be due to the smaller labs influencing decisions, argh people, NOW IS NOT THE TIME.

    So a local test and trace system cannot cope, they don't want to get central big labs. Funny the UK is the other way around...

    And then somebody in government said "Most people getting tested have no symptoms..."

    Oh, boy. Idiots everywhere.

  • We (China) have been told that a second wave is coming, and one of the western provinces is "on a war footing". Just in time for a week long public holiday! My company has told us we all have to take our laptops on holiday with us in case we aren't allowed to return to Shanghai. At least we are learning lessons from the last time we had a week long public holiday and got stranded all over the place.
    If we do have a second wave, it's going to make that national day of celebration for defeating (LOL) the virus we had back in April seem a bit daft.

  • Wrong time for me to be trying to get a working visa and flights for Shanghai then... was just about to message you and ask funnily enough

  • The second wave could be all talk, obvs the government hasn't announced it but I've heard it from a few people, including people who have access to some amounts of information. I'm very sceptical of it having gone away at all here, based on a number of things including a refusal to test anyone with symptoms.
    If you need to visit then this is actually one of the best times, although it's pretty tough to get in. Getting a visa is hard (need a letter of invitation), then you need a negative test result issued within 72 hours of your flight, then when you arrive you will be tested again and then spend 14 days in quarantine, and I don't mean UK-style quarantine... it's full on locked-in-your-hotel-room quarantine with temp checks twice a day, plus at least 2 more covid tests. On the plus side, flights aren't GBP 1500 (one way) anymore.

  • Hadn't logged on to the NHS London COVID dashboards for two weeks whilst on leave; popped back on during the the Vallance/Whitty show and yeah, it's happening.

  • is this solid gold, alarmist bullshit because it sure smells like solid gold alarmist bullshit.

  • what about it do you think is bullshit?

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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