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  • KS3 kids should be in class bubbles, KS4 in year groups. Five bubbles of over 200 each helps no one.

  • Part of the issue with the GF academy is the adults (teaching staff) aren't following the rules of distancing, cleaning workstations and masks, never mind the kids.

    The data from Scotland is interesting, wonder if it is to with lower population density or to do with the different lockdown rules. From what of the two scotish friends with children neither are in particularly dense population areas and hence small class sizes, less than 15 pupils. So not sure that a comparison is possible.

    EDIT Am just thinking out loud, nothing more.

  • I find the development in different countries atm quite interesting. I worked day and night with covid patients during the spring and summer, general human behaviour in my city then meant everyone was scared and following all recommendations. Comparing that to the present situation with almost zero ICU cases despite everyone obviously not giving a fuck anymore and gathering in huge crowds everywhere makes it hard not to wonder whether the virus has somehow become less aggressive. OTOH the surge in cases in other countries makes this idea seem improbable. Possibly there are very few infectious individuals out and about here atm so behaviour has no impact. In which case someone will be along shortly to rekindle. I really really hope that doesn't happen, I like having a life outside work again.

  • Age plays a big role in how sick, on average, Covid will make you.

    With 50% of deaths for over 65s last time, to put it bluntly, they are already dead. As carehomes and hospitals are on high alert, and people previously told to shield are still very wary I think that plays a role as well.

    In the USA it started like oh it's fine, then deaths shot up a few weeks after.

    There is unfortunately more obesity there, which doesn't improve your vivid chances. So hard to compare exactly. So we have to see what happens in more comparable countries.

  • From what of the two scotish friends with children neither are in particularly dense population areas and hence small class sizes, less than 15 pupils.

    There are Scottish schools with 2,500 and 3,000 pupils in them, that have been back almost a month now, and no obvious outbreaks (as of yet).

    No outbreaks in Angus where there was a significant outbreak in a meat processing plant. Surely many of those adults affected had children at local schools...

  • Schools in Germany have been back for weeks now, and I don't think any significant outbreaks have been reported, but I haven't been following it closely and may have missed something.

  • All I have is direct experience of nothing that is truly relevant. Too small a group to be relevant.

    Is there a difference between the meat processing plants in Scotland and England. Don't know, how come there have been issues in other EU countries but not scotland. I do not know, am just worried about me and being infected by the GF or someone else. Then causing someone elses illness or death.

  • Buckfast.

  • How was London compared to HK? I'll be there after 2 week self imposed isolation after traveling back. I can just imagine the lack of awareness and the covid conspiracy idiots in London will be quite high. Sad to be leaving HK dispite the best efforts of the Gov and police to fuck it up its still a very special place.

  • Meant to be going away at the weekend, for the first time since my son was born, and now I have a slight cough and slight tickle in throat. Can't get a test and so now probably can't go. Ffs

    Edit: Managed to get a test in lewisham today. I kept refreshing and trying again and again. Suddenly 75 slots available

  • It's the toenails, extra vitamin D

  • If you want to get tested, then you may need to shell out your own money to get tested privately due to government shamble on getting people tested.

  • Conspiracy idiots might not be as visible. Covidiots with nosepenises popping over masks, no spacing, partying, driving like lunatics, that kind of thing? High.

  • Got the results 6:30am this morning, negative, which is great news.
    In time to get daughter ready for school, so she only had a day off.

  • Well, first week of school and my mum and dad (mum is a teacher) are in quarantine because one of her colleagues got tested positive. two complete classes also in quarantine.

    I'm not betting on the schools staying open for long...

  • I can't check my medical records right now (PatientAccess site is down) but the time between my test and the letter being sent to my GP has been increasing steadily from memory. (I'm part of the ONS study so I've been tested about 5 times so far).

    Checked my medical records. They write to my GP with the result, I guess they (or Track/Trace) would phone me straight away if it was positive:-

    Test date: 13/6/20 result letter dated 30/7/20 (yes, 6 weeks)
    Test date: 20/6/20 result letter dated 23/6/20 (3 days)
    Test date: 27/7/20 no result letter online
    Test date: 5/7/20 result letter dated 10/7/20 (5 days)
    Test date: 13/7/20 result letter dated 17/7/20 (4 days)
    Test date: 6/9/20 result letter dated 11/9/20 (5 days)

  • Murphy's Law, eh? :)

    Did they not test all the teachers before schools re-opened? Or did they seemingly acquire it between being tested and the school re-opening?

  • The latter. She was tested before re-opening on Friday, and then again a week later as she went to the doctor's.

  • That's really bad luck, let's hope it's not repeated too often across the country.

  • Were all teachers tested?

  • Fuck me this virus is outing the dick heads in this world, wearing a mask is hardly taking away your liberty. I’m more concerned about priti telling everyone to grass on their neighbours.

  • I’m more concerned about priti

  • The fact that Noel Gallagher is a bit of a self-entitled pratt is hardly news though, is it? Nor the fact he's not very bright.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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