Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Cheers mate, read similar stuff too, so I'm not stressing out too much now. Thanks a lot for the information!

  • You had covid! What were the symptoms you had?

  • The usual list. Fever, cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, loss of smell and taste, exhaustion. Proper sick for 9-10 days but the cough lasted about 3 weeks.

  • Have the shortness of breath and exhaustion but had it long before covid19 existed.

  • Probably a silly question, but I need to take the cat to the vet tomorrow and as I don’t drive, I have to take a taxi. Any particular precaution? Mask up obviously and open the window on my side. Hand sanitiser before and after etc. That enough?

    Would it be rude to ask to driver to wear their mask properly if they are not? Like if their nose is hanging out.

  • I make around half a dozen mini cab journeys per week.
    What you've described above is exactly what I do.
    I've yet to see a London mini cab driver without a mask.
    Whitstable mini cab drivers - that's another story.

  • Would it be rude to ask to driver to wear their mask properly if they are not


    Would you ask them to stop smoking if they were? Of course you would.

  • You should totally make a little cat-mask.

    You know this but check to make sure the cab firm / driver will allow the pet. Some do not.

  • I Just spent about 4 hours on and off the GOV website trying to get myself a test.
    The website is horrendous, the amount of info you have to process on it so that it can then just tell you there is nothing available for days is mad (every time apart from the last time I used it it didn’t save any info either so I had to re-input the data each time). The 119 number just tells you to fuck off and call back later if they don’t currently have slots too, Absolute shambles.

    I’ve finally managed to get one for today in a centre that apparently didn’t exist 4 hours ago according to the site. Why they’re not using queuing systems on the site and phone lines I don’t know.

  • is this one of those drive in test centres ?

  • Well Addison Lee charges an extar £2 for a "pet friendly car". I hope the driver actaully gets the extra money but I think they won't

  • Oh I have seen that, then someone made this into a miniture figure.

  • Guy on radio 4 just now essentially saying this is just to change the headlines tomorrow in the newspapers

  • Change headlines, from what?

  • From this Brexit shit

  • Tory party breaking international law.

  • The massive spike in cases?

  • So restrictions on numbers of people gathering is determined by whether or not a chip and pin card reader is present?

  • Also if it’s law, can’t we just ignore it like with the withdrawal agreement?


  • ..or whiteboard/chalkboard/footballs/bouquets­..

  • ..or coffins.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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