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  • The north starts in Sheffield.

  • Stoke is firmly in the midlands, not even debatable. Manchester is hardly north really.

  • Hatfield and The North

  • Not decided, current plan is if my parents can make it we’ll do registry then have a bbq with just parents and siblings i think. Thats breaking some tules probably.

  • The north starts in Sheffield.

    The southernmost city of the north!

  • Stoke is firmly in the midlands...

    I thought we’re talking about the lockdown in Greater Manchester, Yorkshire and Lancashire which is in the north?

  • On top of being allowed to go to pubs, which astoundingly still going ahead in the North.­oke-staffordshire-53607206

    Bloody north. Manchester is obviously the North, but there's plenty more that's up from here.

  • But saying Stoke is the north is fucking madness.

    Okay I get the confusion now, I was saying that the government saying people aren’t doing what they should in the north (Greater Manchester, Yorkshire and Lancashire) but pub are still ok (???) using that article as an example of an outbreak happened in a pub.

  • In the Midlands.

  • Some Facebook shite to clear up exactly what is locked down maybe.

    Where even is Greater Manchester? Someone might need to clarify to us Greater Manchester residents that we do actually live in GM for this new lockdown. Here's why. Altrincham, Hale, and Bowdon think they're in Cheshire. They're not anymore, they're in Trafford, but are heavily in denial and often driving large Range Rovers and erecting obscene gates (that defeat the object of them living in any beautiful scenery as they can't see it) to ensure people think they're definitely Cheshire. Cheadle Hulme is also in denial. They'll tell you they moved there "for the schools". There's a whole load of "Cheshire influencers" in Altrincham and Stockport getting a reality check tonight as to what county they're in. Sale also claims to be in Cheshire but that's just whack. Trafford is home to the Lancashire Cricket Ground, even though it's now geographically closer to Cheshire and definitely not in Lancashire. Stockport changes its mind as to whether it's Cheshire or Manchester according to the situation and current trends (and in fairness, Bramhall is pretty posh, and Hazel Grove perhaps - they would say they're in Cheshire though). Marple used to be part of Glossop which is actually Derbyshire although Marple was at one point in time, Cheshire. It's now Greater Manchester with a Stockport postcode but kind of still looks a bit Derbyshire-ish and calls itself Cheshire. It's near a whole load of villages filled with people that have no idea where they are and who all look strikingly similar.

    Anyway, over to Wigan, you have Standish - the semi-posh part of Wigan. The top of Standish borders Chorley which actually is genuinely Lancashire. Head across to West Lancs or is it Merseyside? Basically it all starts to sound a bit Scouse as you go towards Skelmersdale. In fact, where the hell does Skelmersdale even fall? Mind you, no one goes to Skem anyway, it's just a sign on the M58. Ah, Bolton. Another proud Lancastrian sat confused in Greater Manchester's sprawl (at least residents of Horwich have Rivington close by for outdoor exercise, which while extremely popular with doggers from across the North West - avoid twilight jogs by the way, is technically Chorley so is in proper Lancashire).

    Bury, Rochdale and Oldham think they're in Lancashire still (although some parts of Rochdale and Oldham used to be in West Yorkshire and many remain confused as to where the border is - somewhere in Saddleworth apparently, could be near trendy Uppermill or maybe near where they built a motorway around some poor farmer's house, or maybe Oldham Mumps wherever that is - you may have seen it on a tram, it's a place not a disease). Many in these towns also drive Range Rovers, although they're best avoided as they tend to be career criminals (there are career criminals in Cheshire too, but they're posher and serve more affluent clientele). This particularly applies to Prestwich, a generally popular area in....well, it's close to the city centre and Salford but calls itself Bury, the cosmopolitan part. It's Greater Manchester nonetheless. You can get a closer look at this good looking crowd on a roofbar in Spinningfields like 20 Stories, they'll be taking selfies for the 'Gram near the lifts, with Beetham Tower in the background. Chorlton and Didsbury are safely in Greater Manchester and both seem content with this, even though many of their residents actually live in Rusholme and Whalley Range but ride a bike and look quirky so fit in with the West Dids crowd.

    Now to my old friend Salford. Salford stands alone as a city in a city - is it even "proparrr Manc R kid?" Media City isn't in Manchester really. It's in Salford. But that's Greater Manchester apparently, even though it's a whole separate city with a separate council and pretty pink bins. You'll also find plenty of Range Rovers and huge houses in Worsley, although they don't claim to live in Cheshire, they're Salford done good. They're not really Mancunian either, they're Salfordian, although haemorrhage Manchester bees at an alarming rate. They're just focused on pretending they live in Worsley and NOT Swinton despite the M27/M28 postcode giveaway (I once lived near the border and actively engaged in those antics myself). Nearby, well not that nearby, you'll find Little Hulton, a place that is definitely in Salford but close to Bolton yet calls itself Worsley. Worsley is on the way to city status if you believe the postal addresses of most in the region. Worsley is close to Leigh which is kind of Wigan-ish and down the road from Haydock, which isn't Lancashire any more. It's Merseyside. Even though it's right down the road from Wigan, and therefore Greater Manchester. Phew. Oh, and I've absolutely no idea where Tameside even is 😂😂😂 - sounds like it's in Newcastle.

    I think I'm the person to clear up the confusion.
    PS no offence to Range Rovers.
    PPS I've lived in many of the above areas.
    PPPS I still live in "Greater Manchester"
    PPPPS this is clearly a bit of fun, don't take it to heart.

  • Stoke is firmly in the midlands, not even debatable. Manchester is hardly north really.

    I have a feeling they're just trying to stoke divisions.

    Plus, everyone knows it's The North, there's only one, and it's in Britain.

  • It's on the road signs and everything.

  • grey up in marple, always put cheshire on my address..

  • grey

    Surely it wasn't that monochrome?
    Even Morissey had a few happy memories of childhood.

  • 'Close pubs to allow schools to re-open'

    Does anyone have any reliable figures for how many schoolchildren routinely go to a pub during a typical schollday?

  • Where I went to school there was an unspoken agreement that one pub was for the teachers and one for the students.

    I assume the problem is pubs being open lead to n infections. Schools being open lead to m infections. n+m is too many. Pick one.

  • My mates a teacher and that is without a doubt his worst nightmare.

  • We are living in an era of multiple crises: Covid-19; a crisis of economic disappointment; a crisis of democratic legitimacy; a crisis of the global commons; a crisis of international relations; and a crisis of global governance. We do not know how to deal with all of these. This is partly because it is hard to develop the needed ideas for reform. Yet it is far more because politics cannot deliver the necessary changes.

    Martin Wolf - Financial Times 14th July 2020

    The UK remains rudderless and it’s people still can’t comprehend the consequences

  • I assume the problem is pubs being open lead to n infections. Schools being open lead to m infections. n+m is too many. Pick one.

    That’s my thought, it’s also them admitting that pub opening isn’t as safe as originally thought.

  • Or schools...

  • Rumour its all the over 50’s fault not the 18-25s rocking up to the pub not giving a sh## and spreading the n+.
    Those fckers will not be paying my wages if i have to be off. Lazy Bastards.

  • Had a chat with my parents, in the Netherlands young people going to parties because "I won't get really Ill" seem to spread it.

    How nice is this info though...all stats broke down, R number info...size of outbreak cluster, age group breakdown...­vid-19-infections-continues-to-increase

  • The age spread graphs make for interesting readings . Maybe they should do that for the british isles.
    People “might” understand a little more then.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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