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  • I think some of the powers that be are only just realising the severity of this thing. That it wont just go away. That the hope for herd immunity is insane (in a short period of time without crippling the various health services). That, ultimately, its actually hurting them where it counts, their votes.

  • Has anyone read the lancet article about 5% immunity just published.

  • I had to take a tube and bus journey yesterday - seemed that c.50% of people are not wearing masks at all, or have them on their chin only. Is this par for the course?

  • Haven't been able to find the actual study but I'd like to learn more about why antibody presence is only 5% in Spain but well over 40% in some towns in Italy.

  • Is this par for the course?

    Yup. The place is full of arseholes that aren't capable of following basic instructions.

  • There are different strains evolving, maybe the testing is flawed?

    Has there been any cases where someone has had it twice?

  • Isn't the issue you are comparing a sample average to a subset. While Spain is only 5%, Madrid is over double that and similar in the UK with London at 17% compared to a national average of 5%

  • Possibly. Will try to see if Spain has had any similar hotspots.

  • The 17% of London thing was reported mid-May, so would have covered people positive in-and-before late April. The number of cases was dropping from at that point, but London is certainly higher than that now.

    The Spain numbers seem like outliers. There definitely needs to be more research done.

  • Table 6 in the appendix has the breakdown by region, the central region (Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla y León) were the hotspot provinces:­140-6736(20)31483-5/attachment/25c80941-­a8c5-470e-a6a8-fde7397b9547/mmc1.pdf

    From the paper discussion section:

    The findings from this nationwide seroprevalence study for SARS-CoV-2 indicate that the prevalence of IgG antibodies against this coronavirus is around 5% in Spain. Because the study was designed to obtain representative data at both national and provincial level, we were able to observe marked regional differences between the centre of Spain and the outskirts that generally match the surveillance data.2 The prevalence in hotspot areas such as Madrid is more than five times higher than that observed in low-risk regions such as most provinces along the coasts.

  • Also, I've not read the article (and wouldn't claim to know enough to make a judgement about it), but antibodies are not the only source/method of measuring immunity:­2020.06.29.174888v1

  • Cheers.

    So yes, Spain does have antibody hotspots but not as hot as Italy's antibody hotspots.

  • From what I've read, Spain suffered hugely in small towns and villages, and in care homes. Cities and population centres were not too affected - less than 200 of every 100,000 people I think - and with the immediate and strict lockdown, the virus wasn't spread wide. The strategy here has been the exact opposite of herd immunity.

  • I was watching a Youtube video about Japanese school lunches and it's impressive how they
    are geared up. It's from 2018 so not connected to the current pandemic.­qB8

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  • Coronavirus: Brazil's President Bolsonaro tests positive


  • Mr Bolsonaro has repeatedly played down the risks posed by the virus, calling it "a little flu" and saying that he would not be seriously affected by it

    I try not to wish ill on anyone but I genuinely hope this hits this guy hard. If it doesn't literally tens of thousands more will die as a further result of his lunatic evaluation of things.

  • imagine getting sick from a liberal hoax?


  • I am rooting for the virus in this instance

  • That prick is fucking the Amazon and Brazil in general. If anyone deserves a painful death from COVID it’s this cunt.

  • What is the current advice about workmen and facemasks and ppe for people coming to your property?

  • Don’t know about the UK but over here it’s masks on if they can’t keep 2m away from people. So the guys who do maintenance in our office wear them whenever they are in the building.

  • We had a few plumbing emergencies in the thick of LD, and the plumbers came in jealousy -inducing levels of PPE.

    But yes its basically- they should provide their own safety gear and you should keep your distance.
    Essentially dbad (but the other meaning from the forum's most beloved thread).

  • What is the current advice about workmen and facemasks and ppe for people coming to your property?

    It's your property - you can request what you are comfortable with. Facemask and gloves would be the minimum I'd have thought, but don't expect them to know how to use them effectively.

  • British common sense.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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