Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • 15 days no new cases, none currently infected. 24 dead in total, most from a nursing home. Restrictions being lifted but borders remain closed.

  • Where?

  • OK contact tracing...

    So if I don't get a call, and my 2.00000m away friend has a positive test....

  • Sharma negative...

    What were the odds on a false negative again ?

  • What were the odds on a false negative again ?


  • Please be rational about this - the rules and guidelines have to be relatively simple for people to stand a chance at following them.
    The guidelines are never going to say:
    at 1.5m you have 27 minutes before you need to quarantine
    at 1.3m you have 18 minutes
    at 1.1m you have ... etc etc etc

    The guidelines are also on finding out you have been in contact with someone who's tested positive. If you're seeking out contact with someone who's tested positive, why? And why are they not isolating?

  • Isle of Man
    We've been contact tracing from day one.

  • happy to hear that and hear from you Andy. safe

  • The 1 metre thing is WHO guidance, we took that and doubled it - actually very sensible, and to be fair the government are sticking with 2 metres despite immense pressure from libertarian nut jobs within the Tory party who want to restart the economy at the expense of lives.

    However, I agree with @villa-ru - it seemed like Johnson was keen to drop the 1 metre bit in. Which totally confuses people and undermines all the work on getting people to understand the 2 metre rule.

  • and this is the most modern and efficient solution they could come up with.

    Except it's not, because we already had an online system that was working great! Complete with much less knobbishness at PMQs.

    They just threw it away because JRM didn't like it. And it's the worst example of do as we say, not as we do. We're all being told to WFH if we can...

  • They have to queue outside to vote so pray for rain.

  • Of blood. Or frogs. Either would be fine.

  • 56bpm - impressive

  • Absolutely - that voting method should have stayed firmly in place. I imagine it turned voting from a process that takes a long time (including the disruption of getting up, down, settled etc.. 20 minutes? 30?) to 5 minutes; done whilst sitting; onto the next bit of work. It's even a better way to vote anyway as it removes the opportunity for intimidation of MPs as they queue (presumably a big reason of why JRM etc don't want it).

    We'd call that a 'Continuous Improvement' at work and it would be celebrated.

  • 56bpm - impressive

    I'm fat and unfit at the moment, it's usually low 40s when I'm fitter and less fat. 97% avg SpO2 last night and lowest of 93% so the other night was an anomaly, an interesting thing to keep an eye on though.

  • ONS saying cases fallen by thousands during the last week?

    Also, why is no quarantine being called an 'air bridge'? Genuine question, is it a new term?

  • Hey all. I've been working on a project to potentially help people coming out of lockdown. It's not launched yet but the website is up. We're still assembling the clinical panel and the platform is being tested for a launch in the next few weeks.

    Could you give it a look and post any feedback, either here or by PM? Brutal is ok as long as it's objective :)


  • Air bridge is between parts of the world with low/no cases. So you might have a direct flight from the Isle of Man to New Zealand but you would be nuts to stop at LHR. Our Dear Respected seems to think we will one day have a lower rate of infection than anywhere else which would make an air bridge possible.

    If you had asked me 6 months ago what an air bridge was I'd have thought of the Berlin Airlift -­ckade#Start_of_the_Berlin_Airlift

  • Cisco Umbrella have you marked as malware

  • Thanks, that's useful info. It looks like Cisco are blanket flagging anything to do with Covid / coronavirus as malware. I've messaged them to see if we can get the restriction lifted.

    We had to jump through a lot of hoops to get the domain registered with our registrar for the same reason.

  • low 40s

    Yeah back in the day I commuted 40 km a day at full tilt I had resting heart rates in the high 30s to low 40s. Professional cyclists have resting heart rates in the 20s, so low that hospital heart rate monitors think they´re dead or about to walk through the pearly gates.

  • Mogg said he doesn't want MPs watching telly whilst voting.

  • But it was OK for 'Deputy Prime Minister' Damian Greene
    to have a Parliamentary office pc with a hard drive full of porn?

  • Mogg said he doesn't want MPs watching telly whilst voting.

    Better off having a lie down on the bench of the House of Common instead.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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