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  • News Night had an interesting comparison on the death figures from yesterday, UK - 359, all of the other EU countries - 315.

    I misunderstood this comment - just to be clear, UK daily deaths are higher than the rest of the EU combined. Nuts.

    Yes exactly that, fucking scary isn't it.

  • is the current state of parliament voting going to mean that there are going to be 100m long queues of MPs out of the building?

    Pretty much as I understand it... unless they all now need to self isolate for 14 days.

  • A dentist in a full hazmat suit would be an experience

    This is what my mate in the US wears.

  • Suppose the loophole/grey area is if they had close contact with Sharma for 15 mins?

  • Of course, there's no way they'll isolate it was a flippant comment by me.

  • They're not allowed more than 50 in the chamber as they have to socially distance still.

  • Shame, would anger moggy.

  • The parliament workers are threatening striking over it.­0/jun/04/uk-parliament-union-threatens-a­ction-after-mps-queuing-chaos

    It's all so annoying. Just, optically, what does it look like? You're already confirmed as having one of the worst responses to the virus in the world, and this is the most modern and efficient solution they could come up with.

    I'm half expecting their track and trace app to require a fax machine to submit data to it.

  • Fair play, not comfy to work in I heard.

    I wonder though what that means for people that are already scared of the dentist...

  • I'm half expecting their track and trace app to require a fax machine to submit data to it.

    and notifications to arrive by Pager or Carrier Pigeon.

  • I'm calling it now.
    Alok Sharma will test positive for Coronavirus and Bojo will have to isolate for 14 days meaning he will dodge another 2 Prime minister's Questions.

    The Paternity leave he was meant to have been on by June has come to nothing so this is another brilliant way to get him out of scrutiny.

  • Peak 2020 if he got it again.

  • Don't know about know, but when he sent me a pic a while ago it was only emergency work so I assume they'd be ko

  • this is the most modern and efficient solution

    Rees-Mogg innit.

  • When did the self-isolation advice go from 'any contact' to such specifics -

    From the 1pm lobby briefing question headlined: "No 10 does not rule out PM having to self-isolate if Alok Sharma tests positive for Covid-19"

    "People have to self-isolate if they have had face-to-face contact, at
    a distance of less than 1 metre, with someone who tests positive, or
    if they have spent more than 15 minutes within two metres of that

    Is that seriously it? So I can spend all day at 2.00m away from a tested positive person... Or 14 minutes at 1.01m..... and that is fine....

    As long as its more than a 1m for less than 15 mins, in the next week there is no reason to not see my hypothetical grandmother or visit my hypothetical cousin in the hypothetical hospice for hypothetically immunodeficient-children ....

    It did makes things easier when they realised being asymptomatic was not a thing. Oh wait...

  • PMQs with MPs back didn't look like a whole lot more in the chamber of
    them than PMQs without MPs back?

    Bit late, but the MP's were only back to vote - they still have limits on people in the chamber. It's what makes it even more absurd.

    Part of the problem / reason was that the rule allowing online voting had expired, and so was not possible without an in-person vote to see if they wanted to reinstate it (because that's not mad in itself). The Government whipped to go for in-person voting, so that's what happened, even though some of the tories voting for it actually thought it was so farcical they complained on twitter. Simple really!­1267846962742792198?s=19

  • Also, seems Spain are trying to fiddle their deaths numbers - I imagine Cummings is taking notes.­-41dd-9642-616708b43673

    Does mean that yesterdays news that the UK had more deaths than the rest of the EU combined is probably not true - not that this should be interpreted as a defence of our performance, which is still clearly terrible on just about every other metric.

  • I've been measuring o2 levels.

    Varies between 99 and 95. Different reading each check. I'm sure variance is to do with other factors.

    Mine is never below 96 during the day but drops at night (see below) down as far as 86% (albeit I only have two nights' data). Maybe I have some mild sleep apnea - I don't seem to have any problem with my sleep and I'm rarely ever awake during the night.

    (Data is from a Garmin Forerunner 945 watch. Yes I wear it nigh on 24/7.)

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  • The guidance is becoming increasingly complex even before we move to localised or hotspot lockdowns with different areas moving at different rates. Whitty's answer yesterday in the briefing regarding the alert levels was equally difficult to unpick.

  • The specifics are for contact tracing purposes. The general guidelines remain keep 2m wherever possible. (Though Johson seems to want to drop that to 1m).

  • 15 days no new cases, none currently infected. 24 dead in total, most from a nursing home. Restrictions being lifted but borders remain closed.

  • Where?

  • OK contact tracing...

    So if I don't get a call, and my 2.00000m away friend has a positive test....

  • Sharma negative...

    What were the odds on a false negative again ?

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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