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  • As far as skewed priorities go, it seems that Jacob Rees-Mogg wants to cause all sorts of difficulty because he may be worried about the lack of a jeering mob behind Johnson:­0/may/31/mps-furious-about-forced-return­-of-physical-voting-to-commons

    Far be it from me to subscribe to this scurrilous suspicion, of course.

  • Regardless of pathetic government messaging - attending a fuck off party is selfish and stupid.

  • Cliff jumping, on what appears to be a difficult beach to reach by ambulance, during a pandemic is fucken stupid.

    Cliff jumping rookies attempting a 60m drop is stupid. That is all.

  • One of the Corona positives is that it has shown we can modernise systems clinging to tradition when it is essential to. I hope we don't go back to the schoolground nonsense of old too easily. Homelessness, climate care etc are also areas that were temporarily addressed to some extent from our response to the virus,when it has previously seemed immovable to do so.

  • In the long game things like this become an open goal for the opposition / traditional Tories / press willing to shine a light on him. That's probably going to be the biggest outcome of the whole escapade and not sure how sustainable it is for Johnson. All this because Dom doesn't want to say sorry for anything.

  • Cumgate just keeps snowballing.

    Just when you think they've buried it, Booyah!, they pull another story out of bag.

  • Meanwhile elsewhere

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  • I agree with you that probably the vast majority of people at that party weren't criminals, but there is no way the latest revelations about Cummings have had a big effect in the estates near me.

    I'm regularly in the Clapton Park Estate and there have been big groups of young men (demographically most likely to not follow the guidance according to various police forces, and also of course most likely to get caught up in gangs) hanging out in a non-socially-distanced way pretty much since the start of lockdown. Weeks ago this changed to even bigger, mixed sex groups.

    I don't think they give too hoots about Cummings-gate, which is ultimately a middle class diversion about something not actually that important, other than in principle (as he didn't actually put other people at risk, although he could have done).

  • The only person that I’ve heard of that jumped close to 60m is Laso Schaller.

    People sometimes need to stop being pricks and think a bit.

  • as he didn't actually put other people at risk, although he could have done

    The people at his workplace, the A&E staff, potentially his extended family, his own family and other road users while testing the old eyesight.

  • Yes sorry, not quite the right phrasing. I think Durham Police said they didn't take it more seriously because he didn't break social distancing. I'm very much not defending Cummings who I think is a twunt, but a massive party with people doing zero social distancing is much riskier in terms of spreading the virus than his behaviour, which is ultimately more about hypocrisy and the principle/spirit of the guidance.

  • an open goal for the opposition

    Colour me surprised when they take the open goal and fuck themselves in the face with it.

  • Lol, entirely possible.
    No problem @Fox, get your point.

    In today's briefing hijinks: Jenrick "we are transitioning to level 3" when asked why lockdown measures are being eased by the government, in breach of the level 4 rules set by... the government.

  • We're still at level 4. We're transitioning to level 3, but we're still at level 4.

    Orwell would be proud, such doublespeak...

  • Also fun with primary legislation just being updated on the GOV website in order to relax restrictions.

    No, no, no, we don't need a parliament to do that, we just need someone to update a website. Easy.

  • The stats the current uk gov state on testing daily where documented on r4 more or less this evening . Needless to say the “capacity value” and actual value are vastly different.­r

  • No British common sense at the London police?

  • Do I have Covid?

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  • primary legislation

    The regulations are secondary legislation. What primary legislation amendments have they tried to slip under the radar?

  • Weirdly it was widely reported as being a 200ft drop (which I suppose it can’t be).

    I’m not sure who you’re arguing with regarding the jumpers. I didn’t bring them up.

    Everyone needs to quit shaming beech goers though. They’re allowed and it’s not dangerous.

  • Which is pretty much the same as 60m. Albeit very different from the 16m referred to in the Gruaniad article. But hey, sixteen, sixty, who's counting?

  • The article above states 200ft as well as 16 metres.

    I stated (the incorrect) 60m after seeing three reports of 200ft.

  • Maybe.

    Apparently 92 is the "danger Will Robinson" number.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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