Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • If Cummings dose ride this out, and I wouldn't bet on it, he will be very damaged goods with lots of enemies, the crud starts to mount up.

  • Sorry for a dredge from a few pages ago. Ed, this is definitely going to make me sound totally ignorant and I'm just trying to fill in that ignorance. Why is it important to have a sign language interpreter in that situation as opposed to using closed captioning?

  • Because some people will not be able to read but can learn hand signals following accidents to the head etc.

  • Yes, some people's first language is a sign language (usually British Sign Language in Britain). Some Deaf people have poor ability in aural languages, even if written down. Aural language is very, very hard to learn if you're profoundly d/Deaf.

  • More spitting incidents, mainly one in which there is a suspicion a cab driver, Trevor Belle, may have died as a result of it, and another one in which a passenger spat at a fellow passenger:­/may/22/tributes-paid-to-cab-driver-who-­died-of-covid-19-after-being-spat-at

    It's acknowledged that he may have contracted COVID-19 elsewhere, but it's still disgusting.


    Oncologist professor Karol Sikora again explaining why detected anti-body rates are so low.

    *cited paper­(20)30610-3.pdf

    Youtube deleted his previous interview on this a few days ago but you can still find it below V­ol-sikora-fear-is-more-dangerous-than-th­e-virus/

  • On what grounds were the video deleted?

    That research paper is a bit waffly isn't it? No actual description of what study was done (cohort definition, methodology etc.)

    No statistics, calculation of significance values etc.

    A single table of "results" quoting a sample size of 20.

    Massive blocks of dense text. The first sentence of which begs the question of the importance of the immune cells they are investigating.

    The paper is not in the accepted two column format for an academic submission.

    It is a pre proof and as such has not received peer review, so why is it being published?

    I have no idea if the man is full of shit or not, just sure that there are lots of symptoms of someone who is full of shit.

    Oh and ? Yeah.

  • By the way, posting as a user with no real username is another symptom of being full of shit.

  • He is an Oncologist, so only an indirect specialisation in immune behaviour but also a well kn0wn shit stirer.

    The paper is a 'pre-Proof' im n0t sure when this trend started, but is now the 'new normal' when it comes to 'the science'

    A lack of basic math is one of the sign of being full of shit I look for.
    The sample in the paper is cohort of 40

  • Why the fuck are you posting links to it then, given the overwhelming likelihood it's a crock of shit? Fancy providing some links to some '5G causes Covid' nutjob conspiracy sites while you're at it?

  • For a cycling angle on this - Ratboy Bryce just posted a hearty endorsement of Anti-Vax beliefs on his Instagram, be interesting to see how that plays with Cannondale, Santa Cruz etc.

  • The Cummings Durham trip and the cack-handed defence seems to be picking up some momentum. I wonder what dead cat they've got ready to deploy.

  • Or is this the dead cat that's distracting from something else?

  • I think he will go. Right wing journalists have turned on him as well .

  • I've trawled through some of the replies to Gove's and Sunak's sycophantic tweets attempting to defend the indefensible. People are rightly furious, there are very very few agreeing. If they keep trying to defend him I think they will all be in danger of losing any remaining credibility. Perhaps some of them will realise that and attempt to get rid of Cummings before this drags them all down.

  • Genuinely interesting if he does - Johnson has no desire to govern and the entire cabinet was selected for their loyalty to both Johnson and Brexit rather than any thought to their competence.

    Cummings is our de-facto leader, being the hand up Johnsons arse that operates his mouth, and without him the government will be quite lost I suspect.

    Could Cummings be sacked and then immediately appointed to a 55 Tufton St type sinecure that would enable him to attend all the same meetings as he does today?

  • Nothing would surprise me any more. They clearly no longer give a a flying fuck about maintaining any facade of decent behaviour

  • Problem here (ignoring whether Cummings keeps his job within government or retains his responsibilities but his wage comes from the TPA instead of the TP) is that the senior Cabinet are (right now, on Twitter) saying that Cummings was right to ignore the rules that bound the public because his care for his child over-ruled the law.

    Therefore, all parents who obeyed the law are fools, or maybe they didn't love their children enough to disobey it.

    And, if we get "Lockdown II, This Time It's Not Just Pensioners and BAME Dying", who the fuck is going to obey the rules when it's clear that if you believe that you have a good enough reason then you don't have too?

  • How can anyone say it was consistent with the guidelines with a straight face ?

  • I think that's why they have pivoted to "it was because he loved his child very much", as it was clearly flouting the guidelines (and, it has to be said, the law).

  • Massive problem that no-one will believe future rules. They've basically thrown the public health strategy under a bus to save Cummings's job.

  • Shows how much power he has...

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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