Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • The Thursday figures included 50,000 "testing kits" that they posted to anyone they could scrounge up an address for, many of which were missing parts of the kit. It was pure bullshit.

    (the BBC merrily ran "testing target reached" headlines, because of the unique way it's funded)

  • Lies, damned lies, and statistics.

  • But they are able to use those kits multiple times in the figures

    When they are sent out
    When a replacement with all necessary parts is sent out
    When the testing is done
    When the test is returned
    When the test is analysed
    When the results are known.

    Six tests for the price of one

  • They need 60% of people, 80% of people with smart phones, to download Cummings’s spy app.

    It’s not going to happen is it?

  • If it makes you happy you can look into the government's future. The Australian government are being forced into admitting the iphone app doesn't work all that well at all. To top it off after saying (correctly) that the police can't access the data in the app, they have also admitted that because it's stored on Amazon AWS, US law enforcement CAN access the data as long as it isn't sent to the US.

    What's the bets that Australian LEO are already emailing their US counterparts for info on their citizens?

  • How many people do the government-that wonderful agency of rapid change and adaptation-need to hire in a matter of days to do the contact tracing/testing leg work throughout the UK?

    Or are we just in another G4S Olympic games situation where we'll pay through the nose for a Tory donor to fail to deliver via the private sector then the army will be asked to step in?

  • Re the herd immunity chat: In care homes the virus has been spreading like wildfire for various reasons.

    It's the only, not perfect, data set there is. So perhaps there can be conclusions drawn from it, aside from, this is NOT the group you want to get ill.

  • conspiracy theory for dr neil pantsdown

    as it was all the tory backing papers that got the exclusive for his little lockdown breaking activities i wonder whether the dark forces in the tory party wanted rid of him for not supporting their ideas or criticising them, maybe cummings on the sage group was not supported by him

    wonder if anything went on behind the scenes to get him fired, apart from his own silly behaviour

  • Same thing happened in Scotland with the CMO because she visited her second home... Story broken by the Sun who'd sent someone to pap her with a telephoto lens.

    Where there is cheap political points to be scored I don't see the Tories turning their backs on them, pandemic or no.

  • Christ. Another glorious victory for the private sector...

  • I hate to reason that this makes sense on some level, but it does to me. Serco have huge call centres & call handling staff geared up for quickly taking on new contracts. Imagine trying to establish this from scratch via a new company, or within the NHS itself, at this point in time.

  • Agreed - but if so why no rise in Pneumonia deaths ahead of the covid curve we see now?

    A few factors can somewhat explain this; the degree to which vulnerable people are naturally, relatively sheltered from infection, and the case mortality rate.

  • trump starts to wind down his coronavirus task force

  • Some people are arguing councils have call centres and could do this work in a distributed way:­/may/05/private-covid-19-tracing-disaste­r-councils

  • trump starts to wind down his coronavirus task force

    Announced to a soundtrack of Guns n'Roses 'Live and let Die'. The guy doing the music must have been having a right laff.­1257801094195003399?s=20


  • starmer vs johnson at pmq's today

    should be interesting, lets hope he plays hardball a bit more than corbyn did

  • Jesus. GMB rolling out Toby Young to opine on whether scientists 'can be trusted' anymore because Neil Ferguson wanted to get his end wet during lockdown.

  • Quality level of stones from whoever put that on. They should never need to buy a drink again.

  • yeah, i seem to remember Axle Rose having beef with Trump using his music for rallies already too tho so also possible that it's just him being trolled by the orange oracle again. Seems a bit too self-aware though?

  • it spiked at approx. 100k on the day the tories said they would do 100k tests, but all subsequent days have been ( well ) under 100k

    To the already converted this just proves how Boris is the strong man we need to have in charge and that every subsequent day with lower test Numbers is just public sector laziness and obstinance.

  • should be interesting, lets hope he plays hardball a bit more than corbyn did

    He kills with kindness. It's way more effective than Corbyn ever was and I think he's getting the balance just right between being seen to be supportive during a time of national crisis while also pointing out the Government's many failings. He looks incredibly competent compared to Johnson's bluster and the lack of attack dog tactics just make him seem more like a proper grown up IMO.

    I just watched this and Boris just said using public transport while maintaining social distancing won't be possible so there will be a new golden age of cycling.

  • "In a statement, Prof Ferguson said: "I accept I made an error of judgement and took the wrong course of action.

    "I have therefore stepped back from my involvement in Sage (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies).

    "I acted in the belief that I was immune, having tested positive for coronavirus and completely isolated myself for almost two weeks after developing symptoms."

    OK so yes he should not have had a visit, in his position you just cannot do those things.

    But a bit of a bitter irony that the "we don't need to lockdown, let's try herd immunity" policy was changed partially thanks to his work, and when he is actually sorta claiming the "immunity" defense it is no good.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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