Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • That is both wonderful and a great suggestion.


  • Just stopped off in the supermarket; all the forced distancing stuff is being removed. That said the security guard told me that as soon as it gets busy it’ll be back again.

  • A certain part of the media appears to be trying to get people to start ignoring distancing measures and to go back to work

    Can you provide an example of that please ?

  • But more likely to die from it according to other studies

  • That's it, you could be right and maybe it won't really matter that much if it is not clean.

    Way I am looking at it, may as well be picky if you go through the hassle. If it is going to be government advice, I hope they will be clear.

    So we have:

    No mask and breathing out unfiltered
    Unwashed mask with maybe some icky virus, but might still be better than none. I don't know.
    Freshly washed mask, which I guess is best?


    Seems 60 is best, cotton can take 60.
    And you can mix.

    If guess putting used ones in a sealed bag until washing is best?

  • You would be quite busy over here with all that cock punching 😁. It's now the norm to wear a mask here.

  • Dear fucking christ...

    Anti-virus snood....
    brought forward a new anti-bacterial snood

    Everyone is THICK these days.

    (the 'reporter', not Jimm)

  • It's only people doing dumb things with them that drives the need to smash. Don't really care if one is worn, but do it fucking properly people if you are going to do it.

  • Perfect example at Sainsburies this morning:

    Lady wearing blue latex gloves - vaping, scratching face, playing on phone all while pushing a trolley she'd just grabbed. The highlight though was when she reached into her mouth with her be-gloved hands to pluck chewing gum from her tongue.

    She also physically bumped into me twice in the shop itself - talk about missing the concept of social distancing entirely and overestimating the power some blue gloves might have...

  • For all of the reasons above, and more, untrained PPE use is worse than no PPE.

    Anecdotally - every hospital visit I have made has seen staff with gloves on quite happily picking their noses / increasing cross-contamination risk by touching anything & everything. Medicine by the numbers has a lot to answer for.

    (My exposure to medical training is, i freely admit, entirely second hand.)

    You see it elsewhere too - food vendors wearing gloves to prepare & serve food, but then accept cash with thr same gloved paws.

    Maybe masks will go some way to reduce transmission risk, but I somehow doubt it would be a panacea to replace distancing / lockdown / isolation.

  • Tattaly agree and You would still be busy the amount of masks worn over mouth but under the nose is large or the classic under the chin while having a having a ciggie and having a rummage in there nose.

  • I saw an older gent walking through the park the other day, smoking a cigarette with a medical mask pushed down round his neck. What a time to be alive.

  • For clothes, aren't you relying on the soap in the wash here, which breaks down the virus at least as much as the temperature

  • I saw c beams on fire off attack owls

  • lay off the gear for a bit then

  • You see it elsewhere too - food vendors wearing gloves to prepare & serve food, but then accept cash with thr same gloved paws.

    This is my favourite

  • That's what I thought too, but 60 seems to be what most sites write now.

    Of course nothing on NHS page ATM

  • This is my favourite

    I keep confronting them. They invariably say "but I´m wearing gloves".

  • Stop eating money?

  • I don't understand all this chat about how to wash a mask?

    It's an item of clothing, like every other item of clothing you are wearing.

    It's purpose, when worn, is to prevent you from transmitting your infection to someone else.

    Why would you have to wash it any differently from your t shirt and undies?

  • Ha! The jet fuel went straight over my head :)

    Iirc a corona virus cell membrane dehydrating renders the thing harmless? So ‘melting’ isn’t totally far-fetched.

  • i have a bunch of n95 masks that we use and spray wash with a bleach solution after each use.

  • You don’t, and your T-shirt is as likely to have virus on it as your mask. The detergent will break down the virus just like soap does on your hands. So just like your undies, turn it inside out, upside down etc and wash once a week.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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