Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Surprised how long it took to descend to this, think someone mentioned Godwin's Law a few pages back?

  • ONS says stats 41% higher than previously reported in official figures once deaths outside hospital factored in:­us-deaths-41-higher-than-official-figure­s-ons-11976357

  • Ah yes, the age-old dilemma. To be The Dude or Walter. I´m definitely the latter and will quite happily shout Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov at the top of my voice until closing time. You must be a The Dude then.

    Edit: Donny is not a twat though. He may not even exist.

  • Honestly fuck this thread to infinity.

    Agreed, what the fuck happened in the last day here?

  • It’s the Zuckerberg curve effect no?

  • Was that Tests or Deaths?

  • @haremscarem / @Charlie_Croker fucked up and replied to my post as haremscarem but in character as Charlie and deleted it. LFGSS of course emailed me the post before he got to it in time. Bye!

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  • Zuckerberg curve effect

    I don't know what that means :/

  • indeed. Very persistent. I honestly don't know how she has caught it unless through one of the other three of us and we are not showing symptoms. Before she had symptoms she was the least likely of all of us to go out.

  • That was pretty obvious from the off, I thought?

    Particularly when they engaged with DJ, and outed themselves as a troll of old.

  • ignoring is absolutely a retort of the civilized. Not all opinions are worth reading. Hence ignore.

  • Oh sorry, here go;

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    Let the under 50's go out to play as usual, CV19 is statistically no worse that ordinary flu for them. That should get most of the economy back to work.

    Look after the 50+ group using special measures.....

    Hoping to bring this thread back from the pathetic handbagging it's become.

  • Is this also a conspiracy?

    Regarding fake NHS staff accounts, there is no evidence DHSC have done this. There are vague suggestions. It's typical shit-posting. This thread is nuanced and worth reading to the end.­s/1252357674928230406

  • Oh good God, not another one.

  • You're a joke

  • Given we have descended to hearsay in this thread, two vague anecdotes of absolutely zero merit from my tiny world in the last 24h -

    • brief chat with an old buddy who is a paramedic in the south
    • work colleague back at 'desk' post confirmed infection while with child

    I was just starting to forget just how serious this felt in the first few weeks, perhaps almost relaxing and looking forward to next weeks grocery top up trip. I'm firmly back in my box after hearing the two testimonies above. I do not wan't to catch this.

    This thread initially, pushed me to acknowledge the threat and be more cautious than prescribed. Hopefully the 'banter' doesn't distract too much from the fact this ain't over.

  • @haremscarem you've posted a few different links to the theory of Luc Montagnier (also of recent bonkers 'memory of water' claims), but I don't think responded to the article @MCamb linked which thoroughly debunks it.

    The article has multiple references, most notably this one.

  • In good old 'Murica they are pushing through the Keystone XL pipeline while the lockdown rules mean no-one can protest about it. So there's that.

    With oil prices negative, is that so they can send it away?

  • Let the under 50's go out to play as usual, CV19 is statistically no worse that ordinary flu for them. That should get most of the economy back to work.

    There is actually a decent argument that the negative personal consequences of the lockdown haven't really been publicly aired as the repeated message (in the "Strong and stable", "Get Brexit Done") vein has been so focussed on the positive aspect of protecting the NHS.

  • Yes but people are still responding in good faith as if the individual actually wants a debate.

  • Troll bingo point #36! The abrupt shift to apparently serious posting to keep people guessing..

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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