• SOLD Up for sale here is my Independent Fabrication Factory Lightweight frameset.

    This is hands down the best and most beautiful frameset I have ever owned. The build quality of the frame is truly second to none and the same goes for the quality of the paint (Midnight Blue Metallic).

    The frame features lightweight (hence the name) True Temper S3 steel tubing. The weight of the frame with the headset installed came in at 1700 grams on my kitchen scale. Despite the low weight, the frame is anything but flexy. I would describe the overall handling are very well balanced. Cornering is simply brilliant. Comfort is great and it just feels super fast.

    The frameset is in very good condition. Paint is in near perfect condition. There is a small blemish on the right side of the top tube. On the seat tube there are some marks from the front derailleur clamp. On the left frame dropout there is a tiny bit of paint missing. When I got the frame, there was a small paint chip on the dropout. I wanted to be sure there wasn't anything going on underneath, so I scratched away some paint with a razor. As you can see everything is fine. I will include touch up paint mixed in the exact same color as the frame.

    The frameset comes with a Chris King headset and Enve fork, stem, handlebar and seatpost.

    I bought this frameset as part of a complete bike last year. I am selling it to fund my fat bike project.


    • Seat tube: 56 cm C-C, 59,5 C-T
    • Actual Top tube: 58 cm, slightly sloping (so probably around 59 cm effective)
    • Head tube: 21.3 cm
    • Stem length: 11 cm
    • Handlebar width: 44 cm C-C
    • Seat post length: 25 cm
    • Headset diameter is 1 1/8 inch
    • Seatpost diameter is 27.2
    • Max tire clearance is approx 25

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  • More pics

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  • And some more.

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  • And finally these.

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  • Almost forgot, this is how it looked built up.

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  • Fuuuuu... if only I wasn't on a bike purge I would snap this up!

    Very nice indeed.

  • That is too nice and would love amazing next to my orange steel deluxe .
    Pretty sure this is too big for me , but please confirm your height .

  • maybe i'm wrong but a sloping 58cm top tube can't be 59cm effective, more like 56-57cm. also the 59.5cm seat tube is C-T, right?

    anyway, beautiful bike, GLWS!

  • I'd ride that

  • Changed that. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Approximately 1.90m.

  • Good price and timeless paint job that'll work with everything. GLWS.

  • Yep , too big , but lubberly for someone , nice build as well..

  • Soo glad this is too big!

  • Lovely bike

    I have an IF lightweight steel as well, they are quite rare. Its an awesome frame! Cant go wrong with this imo

    I thought my frame was reynolds 853 pro tho and not S3 but perhaps my memory is off on this one.

  • Just do it. Summer road rides are coming.

  • Hi there
    Where is he frameset located?


  • The frameset is located in The Netherlands

  • Just to be clear......how tall are you as the rider.
    I am 187......always find sizing hard to predict!

  • Is it standard geo or custom? Do you have a geo chart with stack and reach?

  • I am 1.89m. Unfortunately I don't have any specific geometry information or a chart (angles, etc.). I will try to take some additional measurement today.

  • This is proper gorgeous, GLWS!

  • Total Bargain. Damn my short legs.

    £900 is a great price for the F&F alone IMHO..... let alone with all the enve stuff included!

  • A quick email to Indy fab should get them replying with the build sheet , showing full geometry etc . They did this for me when I bought a second hand steel deluxe .


Independent Fabrication Factory Lightweight steel frame, frameset ENVE parts 58 59

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