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  • Or: they don’t make things like they used to.
    What have you got that has seriously outlasted it’s expected lifespan?

    I will kick this off with my bottle of Tipp-Ex. Circa 1991 and still as fresh as the day it was made.

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  • Ancient chains are always a good one,
    Not running anything that old myself but I bet someone on here is

  • Not a chain but a guy I work with has a well used 1980s bike that’s got its original Dura Ace 7400 chainrings and cassette still fitted and in good order as he fits a new chain a couple times a year and is meticulous about cleaning and lubing in between.

  • My folks have an old bike that belonged to my great, great uncle (I think). He bought it to cycle back from the pub when drink driving laws were brought in. No idea when the chain or BB were last changed, but I don't think it was in my lifetime.

  • I’m always mildly surprised by the amount of 1980s mtbs locked up outside stations that are in remarkably good condition. Not sure what they were painting them with but they look way better than the 10-year-old aluminium hybrids next to them.

  • Kona Cinder Cone -Still a great ride

  • Houses

  • Old cottered cranks, bb's, headsets had so much craft to each part, even run of the mill ones. They are beautiful objects. Less so today perhaps. Good thread idea :)

  • I bought a pair of socks from Decathlon in 2007 before I went backpacking. I don't think they were more than a fiver. I wore them every other day (only brought another pair) for 4 months. Then used them for commuting, WE walks, hikes etc for 12 years before a hole appeared.

  • Recently finished a 30 year old bottle of gravy browning

  • Unfortunately they couldn't predict the future demand three decades ago and now we have to drink no age statement gravy browning.

  • Bosch drills. Got one from the early 80s that still puts holes in things.

  • My dad's got Levis which are nearly as old as me, but women's jeans are shit. Had two pairs from Gap and Uniqlo not even last 6 months before my thighs ground holes into them.

  • I have a couple of GAP shirts from the early 90s that a friend passed on to me. I've been wearing them for the last decade and he wore them a lot by all accounts too. The dye has held fast and they still look in far better shape than most of the newer crap I wear.

  • My Dream Machine bedside clock radio still works perfectly at the age of 36 years.

  • I give you the mighty Triton T40 shower booster pump. Mine has just started to whine and lose power after 20 years. I assumed that the world had moved on to smarty gadget showers that can be switched on from the otherside of the planet, and a like for like not being available, but its still being made. Brilliant!

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