• hello all,

    despite the love i have for this setup, it's not getting used and i could use the money somewhere else.

    i'd really like to sell the frameset and wheels together, so i'll wait a bit before splitting.

    pesenti pista steel track frame and forks - both undrilled. as you can see in the pics, clearances are properly TOIT. no idea of tubing. probably used as a velodrome training bike as it has the name "Vera" on the top tube. not in showroom display condition - paintchips from track use, locking up, etc., however no dings/dents. italian threaded bb shell, no headset (as it is garbage).


    gipiemme tecno 420 track(?) wheels. CLINCHER. the front was used with a brake by the previous owner, but no deep marks - i reckon the light marks could be polished away. one of them has a small dent in the rim, but they run true. oh, and of course, 420, maaan...

    the bearings (cartridge) and the axle nuts are CRAP, they will have to be replaced.


    postage with DPD tracked should be £20.

    will take more pics soon.

  • Cool!

  • here's some more pics.

  • Is it still available? And would you only sell the frame?

  • since it's also a Pesenti, i didn't want to start a new thread - would anyone be interested in my road frame and forks? i've got my eyes on something that i fancy, but i'd have to move this on first.

    f+f only. fork is mizuno full carbon, the insanely light model and also has a pesenti logo - not original to the frame, but a nice upgrade imho. frame has many scratches, surface rust spots and two very small dings on the seatstays (someone must have tried to clamp it there), but none of these was ever an issue in the 6 years i had it (bike was taken apart, cleaned, regreased and put back together at least once every year)

  • That’s sick. Do you have a pic of it built up? Also the first red build you did up top is amazing

  • thanks :) a few shots here (the flite has been changed for a fizik antares since): https://www.lfgss.com/comments/13605992/­


56/57cm Pesenti Pista track F+F, Gipiemme Tecno 420 track wheels, maybe road frame too

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