• Just wondered if anyone on here has ever come across a company that can do this. I’m looking to adapt an Enve gravel fork so a proper full length mudguard could be fitted. The Enve CX disc or Enve GRD would probably be the fork I’d use (but yes, I realise the GRD already comes with it’s own mud guard).

    I know that Parlee or Speedvagen could do it but with the added shipping costs to the US, etc this could get even more expensive.

  • eh, having done bits of mould making in my time I'm sure it wouldn't be too trying for a UK based carbon repair place to basically epoxy then wrap a couple of mounts on and drill them, but no idea who this would be or how expensive it would be.

    aren't there axle mounted solutions too though?

  • Didn’t @dammit do this to a fork, or was it @laner ?

  • Or this Enve CX for with mounts added by Parlee (according to the blurb)...


  • Yes. Think I've seen axle mount versions but looking for a tidier way to add a proper guard.

  • Image below shows sort of thing that could work. An Enve road fork with custom fender mounts (although the non-drive side with have to clear a disc caliper as would boe for a disc build)


  • Thanks for the potential lead.

  • Not permanent enough?

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  • I'm sitting with a beer at the bar and googling around for you because... Why not?

    Spot make a carbon gravel fork with mounts already.

    Salsa do also.

  • Many thanks - it is appreciated.

  • @jammy has done this on his saffron. He had tabs for proper guards added at the bottom of the fork blades. Looks pretty much stock, and also looks much cleaner than any of the examples you’ve posted.
    He used someone in London.

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  • Again, thanks for the lead.

    It's an Enve CX fork I'm specifically looking to have adapted to have three mud guard mount points. If the job looks anywhere near as tidy as the image you've posted I'd be happy.

  • That’s a really good job! In fact that whole bike is really pretty good isn’t it

  • Do you need an Enve fork though? Sounds like a lot of work considering you can buy a Whisky or Columbus Futura etc that features mudguards mounts.

  • The enve fork I have, has an axel-to-crown of 382mm. I’d have to check details of the Columbus disc fork

  • Ah been following this thread because I wanted to see if you'd do it yourself. (I bet its easier than it would seem for something like this - they sell kits)

    Now I learn you already have the fork. Sorry for my suggestions to buy a new fork!

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Carbon fabricators: adding mudguard mounts to an Enve carbon fork.

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