hole in frame - but can it be saved?

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  • Just got a message from Geoff to say the frame is finished and ready for sending back - much excite!!

  • I haven’t got the frame back yet but these photos just in from Geoff, looks like a very neat job

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  • Wow a tidy job, for a decent price. Its also a reminder that someone's experience is worth paying for.

    I'd go for contrasting paint rather than try to match the orange.

  • Great job.

  • Splendid! Good to see blacksmithry is live and well

  • Does it have a drain hole now?????

    Echoing the other comments, really good quality repair, you must be excited to get it back!

  • Completely agree re contrasting paint, might be tricky to match the green in the decals and would potentially look like a bit of a dog's breakfast but at least there would ve some sort of (flawed) rationale behind the choice

  • Maybe black/yellow to tie it into the logo - and should be easier to match (because black is black, ish, and the yellow is small enough that it shouldn't need to be a perfect match)

  • That's real neat

  • Original bb shell?

    Looks real nice. Not that you'd expect anything less from Geoff.

  • Good suggestion, will see what can be done locally (Hereford)

  • Not sure if the original b/b shell but looks like it (and if it’s a new shell then the price is even more of a bargain).

    I also asked if breather holes could be drilled in to prevent this happening again

  • Aaaargh I don’t want to hear this. (about sealed tubes on a thorn ... my new baby has sealed DT, TT and stays. Not sure about seat tube actually.)

  • Is trying a home solution (ie me with spray cans) of sort of matched yellow at b/b with black bands as the marker of transition into the original orange as bad as it sounds?

  • It will just rust again with spray cans. You need a decent 2k primer to protect the steel. Ideally an Epoxy primer.

  • Keep an eye on it. Sure it’ll be fine.

    You’d hear water in the tubes and be able to take mitigating action I’m sure.

  • I was thinking of using a primer but, given my general incompetence, I think I'll be better getting it done properly.

  • I didn't hear any water in the seat tube - to be fair, I wasn't paying complete attention - hence this sorry episode so, for peace of mind, I'd drill a small breather hole (and keep a better eye on things).

  • Ok, so after being delayed by the floods the frame is finally back with me, a really tidy repair with holes drilled in so water can drain.

    Having been somewhat distracted this last week, I need to get on with sorting out painting for the b/b

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  • Have you got the spray cans out yet? Was it after 'Ride55' you discovered the crack? Dread to think what Neil's got planned this year...

  • Yes, found the crack after Ride55. Think Neil May have furloughed his 60th...

  • Right, so I really need to get on this.....

    For all sorts of incomprehensible sentimental reasons, I really want to preserve the original paint. I'm struggling to find anyone localish who will just do the b/b area so it's back to considering spray cans and cocking it up myself. Is there anyone who has gone that route and any tips on what to use?

  • Where is local for you?

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hole in frame - but can it be saved?

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