Cargo Super Heavy Super Safe

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  • Missed this post. Will look underneath and see if anything is different. It just seems like the ball socket is tighter on the right one but not sure how I would tighten it.

  • I'll take some moody colour saturated car park/scoble brick photos once it's all done.

  • Only issue is the right arm of the steering transmission swings about quite wildy, not sure why. Might ask in bike shop while I’m there.

    Out of interest, did you get that sorted?

  • No, guys in Seabass said it might be something I have to live with. I might put a cushioning surface between the arm and the frame as it sometimes swings enough to strike it.

  • Can't wait. Post to pedal room too.

  • both sides swung about from time to time when I had it. never been an issue

  • Interesting. I watched this video

    of someone building a cargo bike. When building the steering rod (from about 23 minutes in) he mentions that you have to use specific types of joint otherwise you have too many possible degrees of freedom which leads to it flopping around.

  • I don't think pinheads are much better tbh. I removed a fair few sets of pinheads when I worked in a shop. A centre punch and a hammer and 2 minutes is all you need.

  • Wife rode it to the allotment today with 100l of compost and a bag of sand so I’m impressed at how easy it is to use despite not being quite complete yet.

  • Wife

    No need to brag

  • thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's ol' gal!

  • Transported a cherry, apple and plum tree, 10 raspberry canes and a gooseberry Bush to the allotment the other day. Project not complete but already getting a lot of value out of it.

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Cargo Super Heavy Super Safe

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