Cargo Super Heavy Super Safe

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  • I have been the beneficiary of poor @platypus' misfortune.

    My hope is to rebuild this Babboe to:

    1. Include a full width and length box for transporting stuff back and forth between an allotment.
    2. Take detachable and comfortable child-seats and have some sort of waterproof canopy.
    3. I want to be able to share it with a couple of other families in my neighbourhood so some reasonable adjustability of fitting (will probably be limited to seat height I'm guessing).
    4. Project will include outdoor security so any ideas are welcome, lest a similar fate befall me as my predecessor.

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  • 3 - check out terns adjustable stem, seen it fitted to bromptons and creates a big amount of bar adjustment, just leave the cables long!

  • Glad you've got a build thread up! Interested in seeing it progress

    1. When I initialy toured my future garden, I bumped into this ,
      I was informed that theft were commmon.
      Can double up as bike security!

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  • Ah so cool. I have a ton of random parts around my place. Very happy to donate anything of use.

  • So... what type of headsets do these things take? For the front that is? Just a regular one?

    Does anyone know where I can get the proprietary Babboe wooden box ? They don’t seem to sell them on their site? I’ve emailed them but no response.

  • Babboe wooden box

    I think my sister is a Babboe dealer - I'll ask if she can get one.

  • Oh man, that would be appreciated.

  • I’ve been trying to figure out what type of top Hope headset is required (bottom half is still there).

    I have narrowed it down to IC41/28.6 Type 3. Anyone have any thoughts?

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  • If you only have half a headset but don't know what that half is, wouldn't it be easier to buy a whole new headset? Throwing money at a bike problem is how I roll anyway.

  • Because it’s already installed and I don’t have to bother removing and installing it. Hope headsets are also meant to work well mixed, the top halves can be sold separately so there’s a saving there.

  • Also no need to chuck out something that works reasonably well. Less landfill

  • If you need to take it out to double check the model I have a headset remover and press you can borrow (in Deptford).

  • Yes please @moog! If I met you in Hop Burns & Black on Friday I could buy you a drink return.

  • I've whacked two hope headsets in recently with a hammer and a bit of wood, both went in fine. Can totally recommend.

    If you've got the cups just buy the Bearings
    They come as a two pack from Merlin and it's the 41/45°/36° for hope I think

  • So I fitted a headset which seems to work (I need 3mm spacers to get the right stack). But then I realised that without a stem there's nothing really holding this together after you've tightened the top cap. Looking at other bikes online they seem to have a stemless clamp of some sort. Can't seem to find out what they're called or where to buy one though.

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  • One of those touring one piece stem/short bar combos and have a tidy front hub dynamo setup?
    Might make the bike look like a beetle/silly

    Tried to upload a pic but something won't let me

  • Fit a short BMX tube and some 22.2mm(7/8") tube and mount some steered lighting up front.

  • Kinda what I was getting at but you get one piece stem/bar combos for touring/utility bikes that might look cleaner

  • ^ Good ideas.

  • I got stems I’ll never use you can have. Cut off some handlebars, drill and fit some flying art.

  • What's the stack height? Need to be 13mm max I reckon.

  • I'd have thought you'd want something like this?­headset/adjustablespacer-_6547

    edit - Available at SJS. The locking spacer won't let you add or adjust tension, you'd end up with a sloppy headset without an expanding element.

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Cargo Super Heavy Super Safe

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