Dr Dave's bike prescription

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  • Also, got my suspension fork back from service. Massive recommendation for Plush Suspension near Bedford - they said they enjoyed working on it despite it being horribly dirty inside, and fortunately nothing was broken! The new seals match the logos and top caps which was unplanned and is completely unimportant but looks cool. Will start on the Kona when I’ve finished the Klein...

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  • Finished rebuilding my Klein. Very pleased, it’s great fun to ride. Fat(ish) tyres are brilliant, as is 1x. Might switch to risers at some point. You will note that I’ve kept the skull and crossbones sticker on the seatpost as a nod to my teenage self. Also, the small touch of obligatory purple ano!

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  • Awesome! looks like fun :)

  • Great selection!

    Love the Klein re-spritz, and the funky Miyata.

  • Thanks, loving your Marin build too - it was seeing your project that inspired me to find a Stridsland chainring!

  • Finished the Kona, again neglected to take WIP pictures, sorry. The fork and groupset had previously been on my Klein. I paid the princely sum of £15 for the awesome frame on here. It was slightly damaged at one of the rear v-brake mounts, just a bit chewed up - not sure what had happened. I had to redrill the tiny holes for the brake springs and build the mount back up with JB weld. Otherwise it is straight, no dents just some scratches. Works perfectly now making this a huge bargain - I have always loved Konas.

    I am definitely planning to upgrade the saddle and grips eventually. This bike will be going to live in Wales (when I am allowed across the border) where it will be ridden on actual mountains. Disc brakes are dead!

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Dr Dave's bike prescription

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