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  • Hahaaa i agonised over tyre choice and decided to go all black for this one. I have a pair of Veloflex master I was thinking about, but you’re not supposed to use them on carbon rims apparently...

  • Never heard that before and was curious so i had a look around and apparently its because some carbon rims can be rough on the inside of the bead hook which can cause damage/rough up or potentially fray the fibres on the tyre bead due to the spun fiber construction. So if your rims are smooth already or can be with a little careful wet and dry or even line the inner bead of the rim with a little tape you should be fine i reckon. A decent wheel builder would be able to tell you for sure

  • Yes I did the same research and I think it would probably be fine, but decided to go for GP4K for now. Will try the veloflex one day!

  • Winning either way then.

  • Lovely peugeot

  • Lockdown is proving fairly productive for my bike projects. My old fixie has been sitting on the balcony for a few years, rarely being ridden and slowly corroding. I have stripped it down and plan to sand away the salt marks and polish it back up. Need to clean up the wheels and rest of the bits, will make a couple of upgrades too.

    I have also finished building a modern carbon road bike, pictures to follow when i next get out on it...

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  • Dibs the Peugeot if you ever want to get rid of it :)

  • Haha noted! Think I will be hanging on to it for a while though...

  • The first lockdown project I have completed is my attempt at the ‘all black plastic go-fast bike’ genre. It’s a bit boring but rides great and it is fast. I do think the black is more tasteful than the obnoxious flouro colour schemes of most TCRs, I would have loved a white or silver one though. I haven’t seen many TCR builds with SRAM so at least it’s a tiny bit different.

    I’ve just finished sanding the Alu frame, it now has quite a cool brushed finish but I think I’m going to polish it back up and then lacquer.

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  • Just finished this single speed conversion of an old Columbus Gara Fondriest for a friend. Airbrush paint job is great. Really fun to ride!

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  • Found this very cool 1990 Miyata frameset on eBay for my half Japanese friend who was keen to find a retro road bike that matched his heritage. Bonded Alu frame with a CrMo fork. Will be going MGOOF as usual with modern, black Shimano bits...

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  • I’m still waiting to finish building the Miyata above, my buddy is so busy with work and family we haven’t had time to do it.

    In the meantime, I did this lovely Eddy Merckx for my cousin. I bought the frame on here and rebuilt it with 105, but kept the amazing Mavic headset and the very nice Cinelli cockpit. The paint is a beautiful pearl white which doesn’t really show up in the photo. And yes - sorted out the saddle angle after taking the picture. He loves it!

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  • Next project is a bit different! This was the first proper bike I ever had, a Klein Pulse from about 1997 when I was 15. It’s an awesome frame, very light and still straight. It has had various incarnations, from the original stock build with fairly rubbish suspension fork, some gradual upgrades, then a dodgy single speed with one of those horrible chain tensioners and a rigid fork, and finally a rebuild with gears for city riding. It hasn’t been ridden for quite a few years now so it’s time to give it a new lease of life.

    The paint was iridescent red which was quite nice but I’ve never been a huge fan of red bikes. Over the years it has faded and then been covered in stickers and later wrapped in electrical tape so the paint is now in terrible shape.

    My plan is to strip it completely - Nitromors is working well on this paint. Then clearcoat the brushed Alu underneath and rebuild. Rigid fork, flat bars, 1x, fat-ish tyres. Will post progress!

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  • Your other builds are very nice, but I am especially looking forward to seeing this on progres!

  • Thanks, yes this one will be fun - although I am mostly roadie these days, I was MTB all the way when I was a kid. I’m having fun planning this one. I have a Kona P2 fork and some old bits I will use eg. Wheels, Crankset, V-brakes. Will need some new parts too.

    I also have another MTB build planned, this time for proper off roading. More to come, but here’s a sneak preview!

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  • Lovely builds and I definitely concur on the therapeutic qualities of working on bikes and projects.
    Interesting to see what you do with the Klein. If it had been one of their traditional crazy paint jobs I would have been firmly against stripping it but I'm sure it will ace in brushed aluminium.

  • Yes definitely, it wasn’t one of the amazing fluoro fade paintjobs. The Pulse was a cheaper frame, sold a few years after the really iconic Kleins of the early 90s. I think it was after the company had been bought by Trek, so they are slightly less special but still very nice, well made frames.

  • Looks like its gonna be great! Excited to see it come together :)

  • Thanks Max!

    Paint is off, it took 4 or 5 coats of Nitromors which was a bit tedious. Plastic scraper, brass wire brush and green scouring pad. I know there are stronger paint strippers out there, but it wasn’t too bad. Just got a bit painful getting every last tiny speck in the welds and cable stops!

    Frame looks amazing now the paint is off. A few tiny scratches but no dents. I looked through the old catalogues and worked out that I was given this bike for my 15th birthday in 1998. I think it’s pretty amazing that it has survived teenage mountain biking, uni student life and city commuting for over 20 years without any damage.

    I reckon the brushed metal looks great. Next up is clear coat. I have spray.bike lacquer, will go slow to avoid any drips!

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  • Work in progress!

    I did the spray.bike lacquer, it looks pretty good I think. Just a couple of drip marks, but it was pretty straightforward.

    Have started to put it back together. Some of the parts are from the original stock build - cranks, rear brake, seatpost. Forks are slightly ratty, but suit the frame fairly well.

    The rest of the bits are mostly new. Low price has been the main priority, this bike is intended to be mainly used for wet weather commuting over winter so I don’t want anything too smart / stealable. Would love to find a NW chainring, but for 94 BCD there isn’t much out there. I think @t0-ster used to sell them? Maybe will upgrade the cranks at some point but I do like the original Suginos.

    One hiccup in the build is the wheels - I have an old beater pair with Deore hubs and Mavic rims, worn but still serviceable. I fitted the cassette and it was slopping about like crazy, I think the freewheel is knackered. I have ordered a new one and taken the hub apart to clean and regrease it. If that doesn’t work I may have to get a new (or another second hand) wheelset.

    I do have my nice 26in wheels which I will use temporarily, they are also Deore hubs / Mavic rims but much less worn and better looked after. But I don’t want to use them for commuting long-term, they are earmarked for my other retro MTB project - Kona Caldera / Marzocchi Bomber / Shimano XT radical hardtail!

    My plan is to get the Klein finished and then concentrate on the Kona. I will post progress for that one in due course. First thing is to try to resurrect the fork - it is old but works ok I think. I am sending it off to be properly serviced next week, I really hope nothing is broken cos parts for the OG Z1 are hard to find.

    Will post more progress pics as the Klein nears completion...

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  • Bonus pic from the 1998 Klein catalogue, this is what it originally looked like!

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  • Great bikes! Excited to see how the Klein turns out :)

    And yep ur right about the narrow wide. Im sold out, but have some "factory seconds" i could sell a bit cheaper if you want. They are totally fine, only difference is the logo is only engraved on one side, but i wanted both sides :) Message me if your interested. If not, keep up the nice builds!

  • Amazing, thanks! I will PM you now.

  • Finally managed to finish the Miyata for an old friend. I usually remove the stickers from wheels for neo-retro builds but for this one i think they look quite good.

    The rear brake cable is internally routed with no internal cable guide so it was a real headache. In the end we used the vacuum cleaner and cotton thread trick. Used the cotton to pull through some string, and then the string to pull the inner cable, and finally pass the outer cable over the inner.

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  • Final part arrived for the Klein - NW chainring from @t0-ster, what a legend! I went for boring black but i think it will look very smart. I ended up buying some new wheels for the Kona, so I will use my old Deore x Mavics on the Klein. Finished pictures coming soon...

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Dr Dave's bike prescription

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