Dr Dave's bike prescription

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  • These are all rad but I particularly like the motta. Nice work!

  • Thanks, yes the Motta is gorgeous. Paint is quite chipped, I might get it repainted one day. I was thinking it would look great in white, keeping the chromed fork...

  • As requested, details of my Gios Compact. Cable guides around the BB are amazing, and the adjustable dropouts...

    Build will start next week!

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  • Never seen such a dropout before, brutal!

  • All very nice... esp black pug

  • all of them..... i like all of them!

  • Love the blk/purp peugeot and the concorde but the denti’s colorway/decals (in particular head badge) kill it

    Hope you get well soon

  • Thanks everyone!

  • I hope this bike fever you've caught helps with the rest of your general health ;)

    My favourite is the concorde but they're all very nice bikes!

  • Finished the 86 Gios Compact. Campagnolo Record 10 speed. Very pleased with this!

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  • Good work on all the builds. You've hit the nail on the head in finding bike building very therapeutic. I personally tinker and build just as much as ride for the same reason. Do you ever prescribe this to others? I often find myself thinking it would be a better alternative to some other therapies.

  • That's lovely

  • Yep this is banging. Lovely summer bike.

  • Nice builds, Gios is really good. A more classic black seatpost would finish it off for me but not great options if you need an inline. Max tyre size 23c?

  • Thanks, it’s great. Yes, I would have preferred a plain seatpost but as you say the choice is limited for inline and 27.0mm. And even 23mm tyres are quite tight on this frame!

  • I agree Joel. I think anything that really makes you concentrate and clears your head is good. A lot of people like knitting! The combination of an absorbing process to do with your hands and a way to exercise makes cycling and bike building hard to beat. In particular, last summer as I prepared for major surgery I had more time to cycle than I have had in years, and I am convinced that getting so fit was massively helpful for my recovery. Obviously I would recommend exercise to anyone getting ready for an operation, and for anyone so inclined I think building and looking after your bike(s) is much more satisfying than taking it to a shop and getting someone else to do it!

  • What I’ve been doing for a job for nigh on 20 years!


    Gios is my favourite so far...

  • Haha spot on! Don’t think I used the words occupational therapy anywhere in this thread but that’s exactly what this is. I worked a lot with OTs earlier in my career when I did rehab medicine, massive respect for this really important job!

    Also, you sold me the groupset that’s on my Gios, it’s great. Thanks again!

  • All these builds are awesome.. I agree with the whole therapeutic thing.. I found a rather larger hole in my heart last year that knocked me for six, since I couldn't ride I would just tinker at bikes to 'keep my hand in'. I'm all better now and getting back to cycling again.. great thread..

  • Love all of your wotk, bravo

  • Aha! Glad it made it onto a lovely build 😎 I find that potttering / planning a project is “my” time and I could do it for hours- days on end if other responsibilities didn’t need my attention!
    In fact doodling and sketching is one of my hobbies- years ago I came up with this character that is into bikes and pottering .., called Jackson Potter . Discovering gardening now too!

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  • My long-awaited wheels from China arrived so I finally managed to finish rebuilding my Peugeot 753. DA 9000 suits the frame so much better than SRAM Red (on previous page). Had a lovely ride in the sunshine yesterday!

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  • That is lovely, reminds me of my first road bike, a Peugeot Ultima 653, think it’s still hung in a mates garage with a stuck dura ace bottom bracket.

  • Thanks, it’s great to ride and really light - i keep meaning to find some scales and weigh this, and the Gios too...

  • The Gios is lovely and the Peugeot is absolutely stunning but would look even better with tanwalls like the Gios

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Dr Dave's bike prescription

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