For sale Principia Track jet 55/56

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  • I’m selling what was a top of the range rrp £1000 + track frame in Principia's custom manganese alloy 7020, hand built in Denmark from around 2006. As I measure it is a 55 or 56 c-t-c, 54 c-t-top (see photos). Somewhere around there.

    It’s on a par with a Cannondale track of the era, super light and super stiff and a very strong alloy. It's in excellent near mint condition with the odd minor blemish, though nothing like chain scrapes and the like. It comes with a Chris King no-threadset headset and very nice TIME Millennium ST forks, deda stem and deda track bars. Some of the decals I got from Principia and I put them on as far as I can remember - they're not done perfectly.

    What's the story I imagine you might ask - well I bought it way back maybe ten years ago living in Dulwich near Herne Hill Velodrome and thinking I'd build it for the track - and I never did. I have an RSL which I ride regularly and am a complete original Principia fanboy. Search the forum and you’ll see I’m also a long time member, albeit not that active. You’ll also see my fondness for Principias.

    I’ve now been down in Hastings for a bunch of years and the frame has been sitting mournfully unused and never built. I’m holding on to it for nostalgic reasons and indeed because it is a piece of work. But turning a ripe old age I accept I never will have the need or urge to build it up down here, so someone else should enjoy it and race it rather than it sitting in our spare room.

    It’s not been built up as I said but I do have a Dura Ace track chainset/bb and some Dura-ace high-flange track wheels on Open Pros and probably one or two spare Dura Ace chainrings if anyone is interested in them as extras. It then needs just a chain, bartape and saddle and its ready to go and win. I'm probably keeping the seatpost.

    Frame/Chris King headset/TIME forks/Deda stem/bars - £350

    I’ll bring it up to London Herne Hill area end of Jan, or you can come down and enjoy the sea air and I’ll provide decent coffee.

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  • Very nice. Those seat stays and the junction between stays and drop outs. Hot!

    Good price - GLWS.

  • Thanks very much. I once met a fellow out riding who was an engineer and Principia fan who gave me the low down on the meticulousness of their construction - which he understood as one of the reasons the original made in Denmark company went bust.

  • Big fan of these but (and I hope I am wrong) think you may have to drop the price. Glws

  • So in my imagination its sort of £250 for the frame and £100 for a chris king headset and some older but magic Time carbon forks, all in cracking condition. Plus bars and stem. I figure it's fair.

  • Plus decent coffee and a trip to beautiful Hastings if you fancy coming down before I bring it all up to HH......

  • Cool frame, any more info on DA cranks and b.b if you'd consider selling separately?

  • @jono84 Sorry, I only just saw this so will get some pics done - they're currently on another ss bike so I need to get them off. Bear with me

  • No worries, don't go to any trouble for me, length and an idea on price would be a good starter!

  • I really like the look of this I'm a massive fan of the older principias I've owned 3. People who don't know how good they were are either too young or never lucky enough to have ridden one. Never met another princpia owner that didn't absolutely love it. Hoping to sell a mtb frame next week which will cover this if its still available. I only need the frame and headset i have an original mizuno full carbon principia weave fork from my old rex pro in the garage which would be a perfect match. I'm new on the forum but if want to dm me I'm still trying to figure out how it works. I still can't work out how to start a new post I can only reply at the moment but hopefully i can pick up a dm and we can take it from there.

  • I'm definitely old enough......great, have pm'd you

  • Hi did you get my message? Im still struggling with Forum i got your pm and replied but I've had several messages from microcosm lfgss saying message not sent delivery incomplete. So i may have been talking to myself for the last couple of days. I still want the frame if it's still available. If it is could you pm me again I'll reply and if you confirm we can sort it out via email otherwise I'll just have post my mobile number for you on the public forum. Good with bikes bad with tech.

  • Hi.

    I didn't - but will ping you one right ow with my email - let me know if you get it ok?


  • Right so it looks like all i can do at the moment is reply on the public forum and receive pm's but can't reply to them i hit reply write a message and hit send, says sent then i get a failed delivery for the message later on? I have tried 4 or 5 times to reply to your messages. So I'll email you from my Hotmail account when I get time tomorrow and leave the forum alone.

  • No problem at all. I don't know quite how the pm system works so do that when you get a mo'.

  • Great so we've got a deal at last sorry this took so long to sort out it turns out all the problems i was having with the pm's were to do with me still being in my probation period. I should have read the forum rules and nursery thread beforehand really but you know how it is. Monkey see monkey want 🐵

  • Sold - to the über knowledgeable user108272 aka Nick. Very nice fella to deal with

  • Thanks Andy it was a pleasure doing business with you too. I promise I'll take good care of her 😊

  • Come back and do a thread in projects.

    We all love a good old Principia

  • If I'm out of the nursery by then and able to start my own post I'll most certainly be showing her off 😁

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For sale Principia Track jet 55/56

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