Free: Cargo Bike nearly complete, London

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  • Last night some dickheads stripped a load of parts off my cargo bike. This is probably a good time to give up on locking it in the crap area outside my flat.

    To remedy my shit mood I will give it away for free to someone. The bike is currently a rolling chassis, you can’t ride it but you can push it easily. It needs a crankset and headset to run properly again, and a front disc brake is highly advised. I don’t have time to do this right now.

    On the underneath it’s a Babboe longjohn modified by Auguste Handmade to be more practical. Big load tray, I’ve added a Royal Mail crate for small stuff. It rides really lovely when complete. I’ll miss it.

    First come first served, I’m in NW1.

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  • Wtf (dont do this, its a good bike)


  • I’ll take it!

  • I will have it

  • ooooh I am nearby!

  • That would carry a LOT of muffins

  • PM'd

  • Gone to MC and a good home. Thanks everyone.

  • This ! Congrats. It's a life-changing bike.

  • Ah fuuuck man, wish you'd asked/moaned in the cargo bikes thread first. I could have slung you my spare crankset and bb and some grips in the post.

  • Thanks, it's appreciated. Sadly I have nowhere else to store this bike, so it would have been stolen again if I refitted the missing parts. Whoever nicked them came with specialist tools and intent, and would have probably taken the whole thing if it were not for the beefy chain lock.

  • What kinda penis steals cranks and a headset. Were they nice?

  • What the f.... Stole your cranks and headset!! Sorry to hear this man.

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Free: Cargo Bike nearly complete, London

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