ThNRC 2020 - Night Vision

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  • I did a few of the North and East routes with @Vangelis.Pipis back in March/April, starting early and enjoying the empty roads. Haven't ventured South though, well done on the Five Hills.

    Actually that's not true - we did a recce of the Five Hills starting from Gatwick in February or March. Nice ride but too long for a regular evening.

    I could be talked into doing something this Thursday.

  • So...

    Ride out-and-back-able routes over the next couple months anyone?

  • Sure, as long as we keep things sensible pace- and distance-wise.

    I suppose we can also look into starting earlier than whatever time taking the first train out after 7pm would result in.

  • Would be up for something. Rode Ingatestone on Sunday morning which is so different to Thursday evening! Loads of roadies, and coffee shops etc. Completely different vibe, and no beer.

  • It's possible I might be able to sneak in one of these before the clocks go back. @jaeyukdapbap how long are you back in LDN for? At the very least maybe we could find an outdoor pub or some kind of cozy bundled up hot drink get together on the Heath or something

  • I'm happy to bring a stove for grog making purpose.

  • I can confirm you make a 10/10 outdoor aeropress

  • There's a few routes that'd work happily if everyone can log off and hop on their bikes at 5:30ish, right? Chingford? Most of the Kent rides? Potters Bar?

    I'm moving outta here on the 16th Oct so keen to go out each Thursday until then if others are? Weekends are good too - make the most of it, innit.

    What was that pub @cagimaha took us to last year near Euston Stn? Also, I also have an aeropress and stove for doubling up coffees outside.

  • Sad times - where are you off to?

    I likely wont manage anything north, but if anyone wants to ride south west i'll be interested. As we know, riding back from Effingham is lovely.

    Only issue is my knee is playing up after a game of cricket against some 7 years olds, still to test it on any actual mileage.

  • Have added a tab to the spreadsheet in the interest of trying to get some rides in... Before lockdown round 2 / weather makes the idea unappealing / UK civil war, etc. I suggest a kick-off next week? Don't claim you're busy, coz you're not.

    @Scrabble I'm buying a pair of red chinos and moving to Winchester.

  • Just get the ones you already have dry-cleaned #zing

  • Next week sounds great!

  • Could probably be convinced for something this week too. I am not busy.

  • Looks like it's all just been banned again....I blame the spreadsheet.

  • Can't do this week but next week sounds good. Box Hill and save Surrey 5 hills for the finale?

  • I popped Chingford down as the ride for this week as it's the closest start to central London - seems like the best way of starting this experiment... Obvs government guidelines of a 6 person limit so... it's time for a list! 7:30 roll out from Chingford station good for everyone interested?

    Chingford 17th September
    1) jaeyukdapbap

  • I'm a maybe. Knee is sore again after last weekend's extravaganza.

  • Chingford 17th September
    1) jaeyukdapbap
    2) rhowe

  • I'm lurking.. will confirm tomorrow, if there's still spaces.

  • I'm on the lurker list too, work is unpredictable atm.

  • Chingford 17th September
    1) jaeyukdapbap
    2) rhowe
    3) cgg

    Knee is thankfully much better now, I’m in!

  • Also lurking. Are people riding out/back or trains?

  • Ride out for me, train would take over an hour. Reckon I could walk there quicker than that.

  • Ride out and back. Would 8pm from Chingford depart be better?

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ThNRC 2020 - Night Vision

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