ThNRC 2020 - Night Vision

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  • “Oh, I’m drinking red wine every day at lunch now.”

  • I came off that feeling nourished yet distopian. Thanks for that.

  • Exactly. Such nice people. But the worst bike ride of all time.

    But also very glad to hear @seager has recovered from The Shit. Sounded like bad news illness so I am glad you're OK.

  • Sorry for lateness, but glad I dropped in to see yo faces.

    I’ve been on worse bike rides.


  • So far. I might switch to white if the occasion arises.

    Good to see you all!

  • Just saw this, great to see you all too albeit via the screen. I think I'm going to try and do a solo TNRC as long as is allowed and following up with some e-beers would complete the experience.

  • I've been doing bits of Potters Bar and E4 at lunch. It's been glorious to be out & away from civilisation

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  • The lanes are very empty, apart from young guys out cruising their hot hatches

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  • Why is this not on a TNRC route?

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  • Anyone wanna host a zooooom this week?

  • It's an on week again already!

  • Yes please!

    I’ll be going round the Cheshunt Sandwich beforehand.

  • I'm in for Zoom

  • Dial me in.

    Just done a solo WNKR. Social distancing not an issue, even on boxhill.

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  • is that zwift?

  • Potters bar has been pretty quiet too

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  • I'm also in for Zoom!

    @Scrabble that looks ace, very jealous.

  • Can someone hook me up with the link?

  • It's an on week again... Are we zoom beering later?

  • I'd be up for that!

  • Yep - I can set it up, everyone PM me and I’ll send round a link later.

    I really hope that work doesn’t keep track of how many out of hours Zoom meetings I make...

  • LOL when your HR department join the TNRC Zoom drinks...

  • I'll do Roydon this evening so I won't be around before 2030 or 2100 I reckon.

    Though I could do a live broadcast of the A10 smashfestina on the way back...

  • Anyone else been doing TNRC routes over the last few months? I've done various bits of potters bar, killing me soft lea and E4 as well as doing the 5 hills which was an utter killer. Rode out & back from Enfield on 48x13. Ended up flipping to 48x15 at Denbies Vineyard and took the cheats way up instead of Ranmore after a very welcome cream tea & sparkling wine.

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ThNRC 2020 - Night Vision

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