ThNRC 2020 - Night Vision

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  • Code orange code orange what's your location

  • We made it round the inside loop & are waiting at the point where it crosses over

  • Now that’s properly socially distant!

  • Good to see some new faces. It's good to get out and it was a beautiful evening for it.

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  • Yep, enjoyed it despite my fitness levels! Good to meet everyone and lovely evening for it too!

  • I think we're all struggling with fitness levels at the moment. I spend 12 hours a day sat in front of a laptop eating whatever I can find in the house

  • @Josh012 did you make it back?

  • Dragged our sorry asses home to eat crisps. What a ride

  • I was supposed to be deploying some tech changes this morning at 7. Didn't happen.

  • Thanks for having us! The most fun. That last hill though..

  • Character building. If I can manage it on 96gi I think it's fine

  • 96 gi, lol.

  • I've not been in best state for the 4.5 hours of intense Teams meetings today, was worth it tho. Very enjoyable evening and only got a little bit wet 30min from home, which is the best time to get rained on during a ride. And I'm a fan of the A10 now, but guess it helps drafting someone caning it with 96gi. Rhowe knows some good routes!

  • Let's go to Kent and sample the rhubarb cider of St Mary Cray this week.

    Add names to the list if you're in. Might be a bit rainy. Gonna be my last ThNRC.

    8th October St Mary Cray
    1) jaeyukdapbap

  • Found that that inner tube of yours had more than 1 hole - last night, on a ride, in the rain );
    Found today, that there are at least 5 holes. That's an inexplicable number of punctures!

  • This is more of a "1st dibs" taking of a place on the list. Will be a wait and see kind of thing if the weather looks too dire, I'll give up my place.

    8th October St Mary Cray
    1) jaeyukdapbap
    2) ruserius

  • I'm in. I think @Skülly expressed an interest in a south easts TNRC upthread?

    1) jaeyukdapbap
    2) ruserius
    3) cagimaha

  • Thanks!

    Work’s gone and taken over my life, doing 12 + hours at the mo. But if I suddenly get the sack I’ll check for a space.

  • Ditto. :(

    I'm secretly hoping going out on Thursday gets me the sack...

  • @cagimaha I'll pick you up on the way out. Swing by at 18:40?

    @Ruserius meet St Mary Cray at 19:30, or wanna meet along the way? We'll go through Catford, Bromley and Petts Wood.

  • No worries if it's any hassle but any chance of an earlier depart? @Ruserius probably your call as you've got the furthest to ride!

  • I probably can yeah. I deserve to finish work on time today.

  • Will hopefully just see you there at 7:30. Crank came loose a 2nd time on Tuesday on way home even after Ben helpfully tightened it correctly. I've now tightened it probably more than it should, so what could go wrong.
    That track standing issue where it felt like a wheel was rubbing has been resolved tho!

  • I'm aiming to be there too, but head off at the advertised time regardless as I'll probably be riding back up the route and would, in theory, bump into you..

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ThNRC 2020 - Night Vision

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