ThNRC 2020 - Night Vision

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  • Do you guys ever ride The Chilterns?

    We dooo, but it's a long story..

  • Can't believe I'm going to miss my home calendar fuck up means its a no from me.

    I'm going to need to hand in my TNRC badge and gun at this rate.

    Enjoy - but it does look cold. Wish I'd had my gloves for this morning's pootle.

  • I wore long pants for the first time since 2nd week in March this morning

  • Let me pull up a chair ...

  • The long version is shrouded in mystery and there are many variations on it.. the short version is that the ride is believed to be cursed (dodgy trains, dubious participants, navigation/route confusion and, as a result, arguments) and once almost led to the demise of TNRC.

    This is despite being a VERY firm favourite of Howrad's, and actually a damn fine route when the curse is kept at bay.

    There is usually a sharp intake of breath whenever it is suggested and we agree to do Potter's Bar or WGC instead..

  • Hearing the stories of the Chilterns rides is definitely a reason to come along to a TNRC ride. Just make sure @Rod_Munch or @middleofnowhere are there to tell the tale.

    On this note I'm a no-show tonight as the knee is still buggering up. I'm thinking of taking up hiking.

  • One of the best TNRCs I've attended was out from Hemel Hempsted. England were playing an almost dead rubber in the World Cup, but the roads of the Chilterns were still gloriously empty. It must have been June, because the evening was so long, it was still light as we sat in the beer garden of the pub, which is in spitting distance of the station.

    The only thing that went wrong is that @Ruserius and I managed to misjudge events causing him to swerve into a traffic island within about 2 mins of getting started. It resulted in a spectacular over the bars moment, but thankfully, no damage.

  • Was my brand new lfgss summer jersey's 1st outing too, unscathed.

  • Was a great night that one. Over 2 years ago would you believe it!?

  • I've had a number of tumbles over paved and unpaved surfaces in that jersey and surprisingly it still has its integrity. Good stuff!

  • Did someone say the Chilterns?!?😍

  • Urgh work is gonna rule me out of this regardless. I shall take out my rage on my neighbours by Zwifting half-naked in the garden..

    Have fun!

  • That was a gooooooood ride. Very amazing views of London from Ranmore and tip top TNRC spooky misty feels through Richmond Park on the way home. If there are restrictions through next year that route should be repeated - As said last night, if that's my last TNRC I'll be content.

  • Was a great route, thanks Rob - Surrey 1 Hills! Was a really nice hill though. That scene when we came round to go up the second part of the hill and you guys were ahead lighting up the lane with forest hilltop above and moon above that- perfect TNRC.

  • / lurking for a Kent one /

    Does anyone ride fixed or single any more?

  • \o/ great ride! Got that perfect post TNRC feeling this morning waking up at 9.30 for work. Love WFH. Also glad I took my overtrousers so that we caught zero of that rain.

    Great tip from @scrabble - would have not done well without the gloves.

  • Mostly fixie skidders

  • We’re aiming for Kent on the 8th October should rides still be allowed to go ahead.

    Yeah, we generally have a ratio of about 4 out of 5 riders on fixed.

  • So, Cheshunt next week? Assuming nobody's taking the train I propose an alternate starting point:

    It gives us over 4 miles of tarmac paths through the Lee Valley before heading into the lanes:

  • Cheshunt (by way of Waltham Abbey) 1st October
    1) jaeyukdapbap

  • What would the route length/duration roughly be?

  • This is the route (plus a few miles for a more central meeting)

  • Please ensure the ride out is chill

  • Nice. I’m in.

  • I'm happy to give up my space if we go over 6. Gonna be a busy day on friday for me, so is probably better anyway if I dont ride 80miles the night before
    1) jaeyukdapbap
    3)ruserius, but willing to sacrifice

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ThNRC 2020 - Night Vision

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