ThNRC 2020 - Night Vision

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  • (I'm not getting any better at thinking of thread titles)

    Here's the thread for the 2020 TNRC organisation, general chatters and all-round LOLs.

    In a perpetual quest for improvement and better facilitation, I've made a spreadsheet laying out the coming rides, their dates and whether they're expected to happen North or South of the river. I might fill in the blanks in the coming days - anybody could do it as the doc is editable. Of course any information in there is subject to change depending on external factors but hopefully that should help planning.


    I will also try to update the route database thread with the new regular routes we've used in the past two or three years, and use modern RGPS links for the old ones.




  • I aim to please.

    I've fiddled with the sharing parameters, anyone with the link should be able to edit now.


  • Excellent! I'll be making a couple of these (somehow)

  • A spreadsheet you say??

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  • I've just ordered some fresh 'n new TNRC mudflaps. You can order them too coolshadesemoji.

  • Woohoo! A chance for me to correct my ignorant mistakes of the past (wrong size for rear). Gonna get a rear one now in prep for hdij2021

  • I suppose we should start to consider bi-weekly virtual Thursday night beers for a while eh?

  • We could still do TNRC, just we do a different route each

  • I’ve been thinking about this. I don’t think the rides per se are problematic, as long as we don’t hug or crash into each others (and these sort of outings aren’t banned).

    However personally I would like to avoid trains for the foreseeable unless absolutely necessary and I don’t think TRNC is absolutely necessary.

    So, ride out and back it will be, which will most probably limit my attendance to Northern routes only (although - you never know). On the up side, as more people are working from home and/or self-isolating, riding out might be quieter than normal?

    Finally there is the matter of the beers. With both trains and pubs out of the equation this is undoubtedly a complicated matter but one we can solve if we want to - buy and stash tinnies somewhere near the start and enjoy some drinks before riding back to London, for instance.

    Let me know what you think!

  • Something else - the Deluxe rides. Again, no train, so I was thinking why not make a micro adventure of it and bivvy somewhere before riding back to the big smoke? For two days out being more less completely self sufficient shouldn’t be too hard.

  • Subbed. Would be nice to do a first TNRC since about 2013.

  • Protective layer of mud?

  • I've argued with myself several times this week on the subject of riding and - whilst I appreciate there are many nuanced and rational/irrational arguments on either side - I have to admit I felt several twangs of guilt during my last (solo) ride a few days ago.

    Ultimately I'd be mortified if I ended up being 'that guy' that needed assistance and had to justify that I thought riding 150km in the dark with friends was necessary or sensible under the circumstances (let's face it, that's pretty difficult to explain even in normal times!). It's statistically unlikely I know, but I also suspect that, even with quieter roads, we'd potentially be triggering a whole new level of driver fury - and the ride-outs are already BY FAR the most dangerous rides I ever do, even without the extra stress levels this is generating.

    So, I think I'm out for the foreseeable unfortunately.. :(

    I know everyone thinks this shitstorm was created by eating bats but personally I'm blaming THE SPREADSHEET!

  • I’m too angry at EVERYONE going out cycling today to explain myself with your calmness. In short I won’t be riding outside for enjoyment until I’m certain it is ok to do so. Even if that’s a year away. Hope to see some of you on the internet to drink beers together or play games or something.

  • Ah flaps still available?

  • I know everyone thinks this shitstorm was created by eating bats but personally I'm blaming THE SPREADSHEET!

    That's my cover blown right there...

  • Lil internet beer on zoom set up for 20:30. Shout if you wanna join in.

  • Dial me in...

  • Invite sent through telephone. Shout if that hasn’t worked. Xx

  • Mazeballz.

  • <3

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ThNRC 2020 - Night Vision

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