• I just picked up an 'ENVE' stem from the delivery office and, admittedly, i was a little sceptical since purchase as the pictures on the ad (ebay) seemed to highlight some differences between this stem and the other enve stems ive owned/own.

    Whether white logo, white logo with circle on clamp or black logo; every ENVE stem ive ever owned has always looked like this:

    The stem in question seems to have 4 subtle differences:

    1) no grooves in faceplate

    2) No bolt torque figures on top of stem

    3) Usually two length figures on clamp - this has one length and one bolt torque

    4) White internal surround of bolt holes on inside of clamp - only ever seen this inside surface black

    I immediately return anything i feel has the slightest chance of being fake or even slightly deviated from usual characteristics, and i directly asked the question before purchase if this was 100% genuine ENVE product, which was replied with a confident 'Yes'

    Im wondering if anyone has experience or knowledge of any changes made to the ENVE classic stem along the above lines, as otherwise the quality and feel of the stem is really impossible to tell apart from the others i own and have owned.

    Help and opinion very much welcomed, facts even more so!


  • How much was the stem looks very plain for a Enve

  • It was within the bounds of an acceptable price that i have historically paid for a very good condition ENVE stem.
    Full pictures of the stem dont show it much plainer than any other ENVE stem

  • Does it have a serial number behind the faceplate?

  • Shouldn’t the holes for the face plate bolts go all the way through the main part of the stem?

  • send photos to saddleback ?

  • Or Enve. They have email in America now I believe.

    Looks sus to me

  • ahhhh - bingo - i had missed this - i think this is the straw that broke the camels back for this

  • I can take some pictures of the one I have sitting at home if that helps? Maybe just the faceplate isn't original?

  • yeah good shout

  • Cheers mate - I have one on my Genesis at the moment, so have compared in the flesh, there seems to be a lot of wrongness adding up about this - think im just going to return it as i found another for £50 cheaper that doesnt have any of this suspiciousness

  • Surely an homage, not a plebian fake?

  • Just as ugly as the real one, so there's that going for it

  • its a bloody good homage!

  • What's the collective noun for Enve stems?

    EDIT I've found it, it's the same as seals

  • I emailed Enve about a suspected eBay fake stem recently and they said all stems should have the engraved serial number under the faceplate.

  • As in engraved in to the carbon, or the faceplate?

  • As in engraved in to the carbon, or the faceplate?

    Is there either?

  • I would also suggest it's fake unless they have changed design.
    Checked both of mine and they look like that from top

    1 Attachment

    • Screenshot_20200110-153918_Gallery.jpg
  • They said it should be on the stem not the faceplate, sorry I may be confusing engraved or embossed. Either way they’ll cross check the number for you if you ask.

  • Gotcha - just did a google:

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    • 91AC866B-62D1-4041-B747-E9185041D382.jpeg
  • Surprised stem is surprised.

  • Theres a nice feature with enve bars, stems and posts that makes them fairly unique and it's in the logo. The logo is actually slightly recessed, being that it is lower. If you drag your finger nail onto it, it won't snag a lip as you go from carbon to logo, since your nail will actually drop down into the logo. However when you drag your nail from logo onto the carbon you'll catch a lip because you're stepping up from the logo onto the carbon. It's the reverse of what you'd find with an adhesive decal stuck on the stem.

    I'd say the bolts not passing all the way through deffo make this a fake also.

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New Style ENVE classic Stem or Fake/Copy? UPDATE - Cosmetic Updates to Classic ENVE Stem Confirmed

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