Parlee Altum - another black race bike

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  • Not completely solid no but I assume they must have some reinforcing / internal sturcutre on high stress areas which prevents a cable being run internally from one side to the other. No need for anything to exit near the stem as long as a cable can run internally from one bar end to the other.

  • You can, but if you go by Shimano manuals you need to overcomplicate stuff with an Y cable. In that setup you need an exit to the Y. If you run both shifters to the barend and one shifter to the frame should work with less internal faffing at the cost of losing one port.
    But I may be forgetting something

  • Followed up with Wiggle and @Saffronspokes - you were right. The x-light is hollow all the way through so your routing suggestion works. They were trying to tell me that there are no exit points on the tops of the bars for cables.

  • In theory the di2 or gear cables are meant to run to a port on the downtube. I understand you can tidy this up by running a single di2 cable through the port for the rear brake, and then heat wrap the cables together. I'm going to try to bodge/hack the blank cover for the downtube port into a holder for the junction box to tidy it up.

  • Sorry to throw a spanner in your plans but I actually ordered the X light after all the discussions above and they're not 100 percent hollow. I could not get a cable through from one side to the other. I could get water to pass through the bars but cables got blocked / stuck so there must be some lattice or internal support that was making it too hard to get a cable past. I've just had to return them. They're ridiculously light though so would make great bars for a non di2 build.

  • After all that! I’ll go for the aero version on that basis then.

  • Let me know how you get on with the aero ones as I'm tempted by them.

  • To be honest I’m concerned they won’t be hollow all the way either.

  • Road CC review seems to imply they are completely compatible with full internal routing­ime-primavera-carbon-handlebar

  • Another potential option are these­ero-carbon-aero-road-bike-handlebars-971­74.html?

    I'm just waiting for Merlin to confirm they're hollow. They have the holes in the bar ends and internal cabling for the brake lines. I've seen a few bikes built with them and everything seems to be hidden nicely and the di2 routed neatly...

  • I’m about to try internal routing on these.

    There is no hole near the stem or shifters though, so the routing will have to allow for escaping out the holes near the bar ends and routing in the huge cable runs under the bars.

  • That's fine. Only thing that's needed is to be able to pass a cable all the way through from one bar end to the other. The attached pic I've just been sent shows that it can be done on these bars!

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  • That’s awesome, as I have a Superzero carbon bar and bar end junction ready to go!

  • Ended up ordering the aero ones. Lots of things in the post now. Need some chainrings and a BB. Was going to get a hambini one but they're not in stock.

  • Boring.

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Parlee Altum - another black race bike

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