Parlee Altum - another black race bike

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  • Saw this frame with LFGSS coloured decals for sale at a great price, unused. Any excuse for a new bike, this one for road race season.

    Plan is 8050, Chinese carbon wheels and my power2max. Any recommendations for relatively inexpensive bars with full internal routing for the bar end junction? Ideally around 70mm reach.

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  • Re bars - Zipp SL70?

  • Looks great, love the mint decals.

  • you have to many similar bikes, get an MTB

  • Had considered those but isn’t there just an exit port with all cables routed externally? Unless you mean the carbon version which is spendy AF.

  • Does not compute. And I’ll probably retire the bowman.

  • New superzero DCR?

  • Bontrager VR elite (or something). The aero looking bar. Not sure about reach or price

  • Neo classic, always, forever

  • Most cheap di2 compatible bars have external cabling for the brakes.

    These look good for £89 (using the New User Code)

    Put the junction box in the left hand bar end. Run a cable from right shifter into right bar end hole all the way through the bars and into the bar end junction on the left side. Then run di2 cable from bar end junction up to left shifter and then left shifter into the frame shrink wrapped with the brake line.

  • They look good for the price. Only concerns are the slightly longer reach than I was hoping, and those wide aero tops don't look like a great place to put your hands when climbing. Any experiences of riding on the tops with aero bars?

    In other news, the wheels came yesterday so need to get my act together and choose some parts.

  • Sorry link updated, it was the non aero model I was trying to link to...

  • Description says external routing?

  • Yeah hence my earlier comment that almost all cheap di2 compatible bars are external. However, routing it as I described in the post above would be pretty neat.

  • How can I "Run a cable from right shifter into right bar end hole all the way through the bars and into the bar end junction on the left side" if there's no internal routing?

  • Its internally drilled for the di2 junction on both sides of the bars so you can feed the cable into the hole on the right and all the way through to the left and the junction box. The brake cables are external but you can run that Di2 cable internally. Thats the only Di2 cable that would be internal. The ones from left bar end to shifter and left shifter to the frame would be under the tape.

  • I quite like riding on the tops with wider bars. If you just rest your hands on top of them, rather than gripping the bars, it can be quite relaxed for climbing.

  • I have the Pro Vibe Aero bars on my Talbot - they were the only bars I could find (at the time at least anyway) that were actually designed to be used with the bar end junction box, and enabled full internal cable routing without having to drill any holes, or have weird routing that goes out and then back in the bars on the bottom of the drops for some bizarre reason. May be more options available now.

    Wiring everything up internally was a bit of a PITA, but once it’s done, it’s done, and worth the hassle to lose the ugly under stem junction box. The brake cable routing is internal too, so if you shrink wrap the di2 cable to the brake cable, it looks super tidy. The hole for Di2 cable on my frame is on the headtube, but if the Di2 cable port on your frame is right next to the brake cable port, you’ll hardly see the Di2 cable at all.

    And re: aero - I prefer aero bars on long climbs TBH.... I find the flat tops much nicer to gently rest your palms on.... I find the flat tops more comfortable in most situations.... It’s deffo a comfort thing for me, and nothing to do with the ‘aero’ aspect.

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  • Emailed wiggle to be sure and they said that there is no internal routing on the x-light so that arrangement isn't possible. Maybe worth going for those aeroz ones which apparently can be routed fully internally.

  • Apologies then. I thought they were hollow.

    The Di2 alloy Pro Vibe ones definitely are so they'd work with the routing described above.

  • Are they misunderstanding you? You can literally see the holes near the bar end in the photos

  • Isn’t that pretty common as just a place to poke the bar end di2 cable through to get up to the shifters? I tried to be clear with them.

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  • Sorry, I thought that’s what @Saffronspokes was suggesting, using those holes to connect the shifters to each other and the junction box.

  • My suggestion relied on the bars being hollow, which it seems they're not. Every alloy bar I've had has been completely hollow so I wrongly assumed the carbon ones were as well.

  • I don’t think they’d be solid. I think wiggle guy/girl is suggesting your cables can’t exit the bars anywhere near the stem as there’s no holes there.

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Parlee Altum - another black race bike

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