Lugs. Who needs them?

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  • Yet again, I have elected to start the New Year by building a frame with the legend that is Geoff Roberts.

    As I have now done this a few times, I thought it might be a good idea to have a crack at building a fillet-brazed lugless frame.

    I e-mailed Geoff a few times at the end of last year, and after a bit of back and forth, we settled on a light tourer, built from Columbus Max - a copy of a Roberts fame I had spotted in the Roberts thread on this very forum.

    Imagine my surprise therefore when I arrived on Monday morning to find a box of tubes on my bench, bearing the legend Columbus Cento.

    Now, the Cento tube set is, without doubt, a thing of great beauty, a wonder to behold. A tubeset so expensive and esoteric is not, however, the first thing one would normally select for ‘having a go’ at something.

    The bulbous bottom bracket for example requires the fabrication of some particularly complex mitres. It is what I believe more experienced frame builders describe as ‘ a bit of a twat’.

    Anyway, we have cracked on, and as I left today there was something resembling a bicycle frame in the vice.

    Quick style note: today I tested the Rapha Mechanics Jacket, as endorsed by framebuilding legend Ricky Feather. If, like me, you think this jacket might improve your brazing action, save your money. It won’t.


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  • Ok la la!

  • The forward facing dropouts feel so wrong on a cento frame but this looks awesome

  • There was some discussion about the dropouts. As this is a fillet brazed frame, having to slot the stays, rather than having socketed dropouts seemed more appropriate.

    What really swung it though, was that they are authentic Columbus dropouts.

    I like to think Antonio would be happy about that.

  • wow! thats super cool

  • bulbous bottom bracket

    What brand of electric assist motor are you installing?

  • Cleaning up a fillet brazed frame is a real ball ache. Still not finished :(

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  • I saw on Facebook that someone was using a cento tubeset on one of his courses.

    Bravo, looks very nice.

  • Phase 1 done:

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  • To be honest, I think Geoff was more excited about the Cento than I was.

  • Looks amazing dude.

  • The most puzzling question is why you didn't build this at home on your new frame fixture :)

  • I still haven't finished putting that frame fixture together.

    I summer, I was building it on a table in my garden, and some b*stard nicked the table!

    Need to get back on to that.

    Besides, early visit to Geoff has become my traditional way of starting off the New Year.

  • I’m liking that you’ve gone external for the cabling.

  • Subscribed

    Might be hard to find tapered forks with the right tyre clearance which take rim brakes.

  • Decals have arrived from H Lloyd.

    Had to have them made x1.5 bigger, due to the enormity of the tubes.

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  • Has this been painted yet?

  • Just seen this.

    Strange, as I am about to go off to Crayford to see the legend that is Dave Crowe - legendary sprayer.

  • Has this been painted yet??

  • Subbed.

  • Need to find time to go to Crayford to pick it up.

  • Made the trip to Crayford this morning.

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  • Look great - especially love that Columbus dove seat lug.

  • Nice. Still haven't finished filing the fillets on mine, let alone started painting the damned thing.

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Lugs. Who needs them?

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