SOLD: Schwinn High Sierra retro MTB frame

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  • This frame + fork + rear U-brake. It was too large so I moved parts to another frame, now the forementioned frame, fork and brake are surplus.

    50cm ctc ST
    58cm ctc TT

    Based in N5 / N1

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  • Bump, £70

  • Interesting, did you have still the seatpost and headset with? Are the bottom bracket removed?

  • Could make a really fun build this. Tempted. What’s the seat tube dimension- 27.2mm ??

  • Seatpost not included, it's a 26.0mm. Bottom bracket also not included, but headset is.

    These frames were built by Giant for Schwinn, some funky fillet brazing and an almost chromovelato finish. I'll try and take some pics on the weekend, the listing is quite lame without it.

  • Pic as is today + price drop

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  • Whoa this camera 'portrait' mode looks crazy

  • £50 anyone?

  • £30, please someone take this away from me

  • Good price, Sweet frame!

  • Gone


SOLD: Schwinn High Sierra retro MTB frame

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