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  • I’ve been making bags under the moniker Envelope Bagworks for a year or so. It was all born out of the boredom of my graphic design day job. I’ve played around with making it a real deal business but it’s just not fun doing 9-5 and then coming home to sit at a sewing table until midnight. Towards the end of last year I got a rad new job that makes me feel cool every day so have decided after a bit of soul searching to cut Envelope back to just be a big project to play with rather than try and turn into anything more. You can ask me to make you bag but, I’ll probably say no. And I’ll still do the odd batch of stuff to sell but will use Instagram to let people know about that. This thread isn’t about selling anything.

    Anyways, I think I’ve got alright at this bag making lark so am going to start sharing things as and when I make them. A couple of people are still waiting on bags but have been super cool about it. They’ll be honoured soon enough.

    To warm myself up to the new year I built myself a first prototype audax saddle bag this weekend. I’ve haven’t done porno photos of it yet but thought it a good opener to share. I think the dowel will work loose over time and I really really wanted to put a pocket on the back for a brevet card - reach down beneath your saddle to pull it out for controls. But, struggled to find the space once it all came together. Nicer pics to come in the week.

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  • Looks lovely, top work.

  • That’s sick, really nice

  • Congrats on the new job! Really pleased to hear this. Bag looks ace too. Good work all round!

  • Just checked your instagram account. They look great. Good luck with the new job at least you have something to fall back on

  • Thanks man! Oh, there is no money in making bags for bikes.

  • Awesome work! As someone who also makes bags I find there’s something very therapeutic about doing it at times. Plus I enjoy figuring out processes for new designs these are some of my latest efforts. Look forward to seeing updates in this thread!

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  • Make me a bag

  • Here’s some better pics. I’m totally dubious about the dowel mounting... I did put eyelets in the webbing before screwing it on but, it feels like two very small points of contact. V2 will have a carry handle so, I think I can add some more connection there with fitting that. Most other bits I’m super happy with! Have been commuting with it and it just about carries enough clothes and some lunch. Will be even better in the summer when you need to just carry less stuff around. Particularly stoked on how well the yellow front pocket came out both in function and quality - didn’t test it at all before committing to it...

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  • Wow man! This all looks super neat!

    Ditto - it’s the figuring stuff out that’s fun. Repeating the same task over and over less so. You got any more stuff to show?

  • Looks great! I want to add something like a dowel to the next version of my handlebar bag too and I've been considering more of a sleeve like Bags by Bird uses.

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  • full pic of the bike please

  • That’s a neat solution - I kinda feel that I’d want to have something like that laser cut if I was to mimic it...

  • I don’t think I have a recent one... Just imagine a too small genesis flyer painted very very dark grey with Dyno lights and shiny silver mudguards and flaps.

    Will no doubt crop up in the HDIJ ride thread over the weekend. You should come out to play on saturday!

  • My homemade attempt at it would be using the buttonhole feature on my sewing machine. I could get access to a laser cutter but all of the fabrics I can think would start fraying after some use.

  • Whisper - I’ve never tried the button hole function on mine...

    I’d have thought leather or synthetic equivalent laser cut, would work a charm.

  • Oooooh so plasticky!

    It would be nice to be not using any polymers whatsoever in the future...

  • Agreed. Have you thought about a waxed cotton rather than nylon Cordura?

  • ᴺᵉᶦᵗʰᵉʳ ʰᵃᵛᵉ ᴵ

    A synthetic leather would be perfect, not too keen on real leather. I'll see if it can be cut without combusting / emitting noxious fumes, but most contain chlorine which is bad news.

  • I have! Alas, there’s some rolls of cordura to work through first.

    Bananatex is what I really want but it’s too early in its life to get it for a fair price...

  • Looking top. Any plans for a front bag? I’ll be in the market for something to go with my nitto campee soonish....

  • I really hope you're wrong ;)

  • I would recommend going with a carbon fibre tube. My Tribulus handlebar bag uses one and it looks much nicer, than the wooden dowel I had in my BXB bag.

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