Wanted: Track bike or frame (for track use)

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  • I finally got a hook at Herne Hill so need something to hang on it. Typically I sold both my existing single speed bikes a few months ago (on here).

    Size: 53-54 top tube (effective). Seat tube 50-54 centre to centre (depending on geo). As a guide, I'm 5'10

    I'm not fast enough to need carbon, not looking for a beater but fine with a bit of wear.

    No Dolan, no Fuji, no BLB/no-name single speed commuter bikes - something a bit more interesting preferred. I.e. Gazelle/Condor/Rourke/Bob Jackson/Mercian/Ciocc/Pinarello/De Rosa etc. Obviously we're all looking for something like this on the forum so I'm probably being a bit optimistic - just say what you've got and I'll take a look.

    I would happily consider a frame, but a full bike would be easier as I have limited track stuff in my parts bin.

    London based, happy to come and look/collect within reasonable range.

  • Got a triple triangle Orrell but think TT is 55. Can check if it’d be of interest. Cheers. T

  • I've a 54cm Shorter Rochford which I selling

  • Might be a bit too interesting (is that possible?) and too big. But go ahead and check, any pics?

  • Haha it definitely is, there are plenty of bikes which interest me too much ;)! I'll have a wee look for you then and shall let you know. Cheers. T

  • Thanks Tom

  • I have a Bridgestone PH9M if you fancy some carbon goodness!

    Build thread is here:

    I also have a Condor X Richard James carbon frame and a pink Pinarello.

    I am 5ft10 too so they'll all fit.

    Price wise, all the above will be around the £1,200 to £1,500 mark for the complete bikes.

  • Thanks Vince I enjoyed reading your build threads, but I am going to continue to resist carbon. I think the Pinarello might be a bit on the larger side for me in a track scenario but I'll pm for measurements.

  • Do you have a budget for this?

  • I’ve set fairly wide parameters so specifying a budget seems a bit erroneous, it all depends on what comes up. Feel free to pm

  • Bought this off here not long ago. Built it up and ridden it’s lovely. However I now have motorbike and my man hut is stacked full :(

    £130 posted has it

    55 c-c tt(actual)56 c-c st some surface rust and tiny dint in tt but solid. Takes 27.2 post. Lovely vibrant purple :)

  • Orrell is 55.5cm TT ctc, 53cm st ctc. That Knight is a beautiful frame and made for the track btw and a bargain for the price! Cheers. T

  • Ive got this gazelle for you

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  • Hi Kobe, I would love a Champion Mondial track, do you have any others?

  • Thanks @plus_one, I do love the colour but perhaps too much patina/paint flaking off the Knight to consider it this time around. The Orrell sounds ever so slightly too big (TT) but I won’t rule it out completely just yet. Still interested to see what else comes in closer to 54. Thanks all for the options so far.

  • No sorry
    I have only this gazelle atm
    In a raw black primer finish

  • Cinelli Mash Bolt 2.0, 54cm seat tube let me know

  • Many thanks koval, sounds great but Mash Bolt geo is not quite what I was looking for - I prefer a more standard track geo.

  • have this soviet track frame

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    • IMG_6190.jpg
  • Thanks @gintas_ce but I'm not currently looking for a soviet frame.

  • I might be tempted to sell my my moda senza titanium track frame if interested, good condition, has a small ding on the top tube though, but nothing serious.

  • How much for soviet gas pipe frame?

  • Thanks @user71349 I wasn't really looking at Modas, but titanium makes it a bit more intriguing. pm me some details, pics, price etc.

  • I posted this one late last night in the classifieds - probably a bit large but you never know...


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Wanted: Track bike or frame (for track use)

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