• I am looking for advice on how to touch up tiny paint chips, buff out paint and filling in deeper chips.

    For scuffs marks on the paint, I believe T-Cut would work well to just remove the thin layer of scuffed paint and take out any hairline scratches to paint. I have not tried it myself but looking for any input based on experience.

    As for the paint chips, I have a few which are so small, they have not chipped the base colour coat. Other chips are to the bare metal frame. So, how would you recommend filling/touching these types of chips?
    Is it ok to use an enamel paint and just a fine brush?

    For reference, I have posted some of the defects I am talking about...

    Thanks in advance Cicli gang!

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  • Unless you’re a pro painter just leave it well alone. Touch up repairs usually look worse than the chip.

    Go for t cut though. I usually put a wax on top to bring back the shine. Keep in mind that you may need to blend in the t cut areas or do the whole frame. As it may make it look patchy otherwise.

  • I'm a huge fan of mismatching touch-ups

  • @Dogtemple you are right in that most times touch ups can look worse than the chips. I'm wondering what a good touch would look like. I would hate to try touching up a chip and making it worse. Also, the mis-matching paint from using T-Cut would be annoying! How would you tackle a paint scuff like on the image I shared?

    @ough That actually looks pretty good because the touch ups match the Reynolds font colour. ;)

  • The little black mark you could probably scrape off with your finger nail. Looks like paint transfer from something else

  • Tried that but still won't come off...

  • I've read that nail varnish is good for disguise and is of course reversible. Many shades available...

  • I've read that nail varnish is good for disguise

    I am a completely different person when I change nail colour

  • With the black mark, get a Brillo pad, the wire wool impregnated with soap type stuff.

    Get it all wet and very very very gently rub the black mark with the wire wool. Make sure it it’s soapy as possible and be as gentle as possible and it will come off without harming the paint. This is what I usually do to get paint transfer and other miscellaneous marks off paintwork.

  • Cocktail stick is better than a brush for tiny chips

  • @HarmanMogul I have also heard of nail varnish being used for touching up chips. Either that or enamel paint. I may just have a go at touching up chips around more obscure areas like under the BB.

    @Dogtemple I might as well give that a go. Would T-Cut or Autoglym Super Resin Polish not do the same as the Brillo pad? T-Cut and AutoGlym do contain abrasives which would remove the scuff layer of paint, same as the wire wool. But i'm not sure how much difference there would be.

    What I am trying to avoid is working on a scuff and then leaving the paint patchy. The whole frame does not need the work, just some very minor areas that annoy me.

    @midlife thanks for the tip. Would you be able to share any images of a touch up you have done with a cocktail stick? I may also give this a try.

  • T cut would be harsher as you have to work it more. The wire wool would clean it off more than cut away at the top layer of paint. Maybe try it on a different frame with less value first and see what works

  • I bought those Brillo pads. Lets see if those do the trick. Will test on another rougher bike first though. I'll probably post some images of the results.

    When you have used T-Cut has it always left the paintwork patchy if you worked it in one area?

  • It has when doing it on a car. It takes the top layer of paint off to reveal a new clean layer essentially. Unless it’s relatively new paint, you are likely to notice a difference. Also it’s more for doing large areas like a panel or an entire car. Try the Brillo pad first and see how that goes.

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Steel Frame Paint Chips and Scratches Recommended Treatment

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